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Home Cleaning Maintenance Cleaning: Schedule: Weekly, bi-monthly, monthly. Bi-monthly, Monthly Kitchen Bathrooms Vacuum/ Mop Window Cleaning


Alexander’s Inc. provides office cleaning, janitorial services to a wide range of facilities including: banks, schools, public facility, medical and health...

lexander’s Inc. will come to your facility and will sit with you and discuss you facility cleaning needs.

Weekly or bi-weekly services


Air duct systems can collect unhealthy amounts of lint, dust, moisture, and other debris, which provides an ideal setting for bacteria, mold and insects to...

We recommend windows be done washed twice a year, to avoid grime build up, Washing window by using a squeege leave your glass clear and streak free for best...

Residential and Commercial Carpet Cleaning.

Hot water Extraction, Steam Cleaning Method

House – Commercial Building



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