10 Signs It’s Time To Call For Air Conditioner Repair

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Do you know that 60% of homes in the United States rely on a gas heated furnace while two out of every three households in America have an air conditioning system installed? Americans rely on air conditioning and heating all year old, and this produces the most inevitable but unwanted problem – the need for air conditioner repair.

Do you know that getting your air conditioner serviced on time can save you hundreds of dollars? Do you understand the signs of when you need an air conditioner repair? Take a look at these ten signs that depict that it’s time to call for repair.

1.    It just doesn’t cool

If your air conditioner unit suddenly starts failing at maintaining the right temperature, then it is a sign that it needs a repair. It is something you can quickly notice if you use your air conditioner regularly. The chances are that the climate of your place hasn’t changed drastically in one day. It must be something with your unit. Get it checked.

2.    The airflow is weak or warm

air conditioner repair serviceman checking the vents

Central air conditioning works by sending fresh air through ducts in every room.  When it is working, you can feel the fresh air by placing your hand in front of any vent. If the flow is weak or warm, that means it could be a problem with the blower fan, low coolant level, dirty ductwork or there’s  some issue that is affecting the A.C.’s ability to cool sufficiently.

3.    It produces weird noises or too much noise

Unusual sounds from your air conditioning unit don’t imply that your house is haunted. But it unquestioningly indicates that you need to call an A.C. repair specialist as soon as possible. Such noises are a signal of failure of standard A.C. functioning. There are high chances that some parts of the unit are damaged and need urgent repair. If your unit is noisier than usual, that might also be a toughie.

4.    It produces odd odor

Another scary thing that an A.C. can cause is producing musty smell which is difficult to avoid. Musty smell indicates a problem in the drain line of the A.C. or mold growth in the ductwork. Burning smell may be an outcome of damaged wiring or overheating of the unit which requires professional help on the immediate basis.

5.    There is leakage in your A.C. unit

Another sign that you need air conditioning repair is leakage or pooling water. It’s a good idea to inspect your unit once in two to three weeks, even if it seems to be working fine. In case you notice some water on the premises, which may be because of formation of ice on the coil or because of a clogged drain line, call for a quick repair.

6.    Your energy bill is getting bigger

outdoor air conditioner unit

Moderate changes in energy bill are quite usual because of the change in usage frequency during warmer and cooler months. But if the change in your energy bill seems a bit unusual, it is time to get an energy audit done. It would help you figure out whether there’s a problem with your A.C. or not.

7.    It has been a year since you got it repaired last time

Regular air conditioning repair is always a good idea but in case you forgot this important task, get it done on priority. While the frequency of repair work required depends on the age of the air conditioning unit, we recommend that you get your unit serviced at least once a year. It helps you avoid major problems in future.

8.    Your unit has intermittent cycling

Another sign that your unit needs repair is if your system cycles on and off occasionally. Once the temperature rises above the thermostat setting, your cooling system starts and cools down your home to the set temperature. But if you find your A.C. running only a few minutes at a time and not bring the temperature of your home to the comfortable level, it positively requires a repair.

9.    Your A.C. runs all the time

In case, your A.C. doesn’t cut off after a given period, it might mean that your unit is low on refrigerant. It not only makes the cooling inefficient but also affects the energy bills.

10.    Your A.C. won’t switch on or make the circuit breaker trip

If you cannot turn on your air conditioning unit, it is a very clear and visible sign that it needs a repair or in severe cases, a replacement. Make sure you check the power connections before jumping to this conclusion. In case you see that the circuit breaker has tripped, don’t ignore it. Call a technician and get your unit checked to avoid severe problems.

These were the ten signs that you need to call for air conditioner repair nearby. A timely repair can save you from a lot of hassles and is also pocket-friendly. Make sure you be careful and keep these signs in mind.

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