Window Air Conditioners vs Central Air Conditioners – A Basic Guide

Window Air Conditioners Vs Central Air Conditioners

Most homeowners in the US spend a lot on their daily utility bills during summer.

So getting the right sized air conditioner to cool your home is crucial during those days.

There are two major options – window air conditioners or centralized systems.

Window ACs are a much cheaper alternative than central air units.

In fact, more people are buying window air conditioners. They are compact machines that have a direct cooling effect and are easy to install.

However, window ACs come at a cost!

They operate less efficiently than most other residential AC systems.

4 Types of Air Conditioners

  1. Window Air Conditioners – They are installed in a window, and is a single AC system unit.
  2. Split Air Conditioners – They are either ductless system or centralized systems installed as inside and outside units.
  3. Central  Air Units – They use duct system. They function as both heating and cooling for the entire house.
  4. Portable Systems – They are available as a split, hose or evaporative systems that can be easily moved around the house.

5 Factors Affect the Choice of Air Conditioners

Just knowing what you want is not enough. There are several factors that can help you decide what kind of air conditioner you need.

Here are 5 of them.

  1. Daily usage
  2. Size of your room or home
  3. Sun exposure in the room
  4. If it has any hot appliances like the kitchen
  5. Whether it is temporary or a permanent setup

Before you decide the right air conditioner for your home, let’s look at each one in detail.

Central Air Conditioning Installation Cost

If you’re considering installing a central air conditioner, then it can cost you between $3000 and $8000.

The cost will vary depending on the size of your home. Here’s what you’ll be expected to pay for.

  • Contractor – They measure your home to determine the appropriate size for the unit. They may also be the one to install the unit.
  • Subcontractor –  They are licensed professionals who will set up the unit and carry out the ductwork.
  • Laborer – One or two assistants to the contractor or subcontractor who help in the installation process.
  • Materials – The different materials required for successful installation of refrigerant and nitrogen.

Window Air Conditioner Installation Cost

The cost of installing window air conditioners costs half of the central air units.

Typically, installing window units cost between $500 and $3,000.

6 Things You Should Check Before You Install AC Unit for Windows

  1. Fix the window where you want to install the air conditioner.
  2. Check the load on the circuit you plan to use.
  3. Add a dedicated circuit and move other appliances somewhere else to avoid a tripped breaker or blown fuse.
  4. Determine whether your window is a slider, a double-hung, or a casement style. This will help you determine if your window is suited for fitting your AC.
  5. You also need to decide if you need any rain protection or other insulation.
  6. If you have curtains or drapes on the window, think about adding a blind or shade for privacy.

Replacing Air Conditioner Filters

It doesn’t matter if you install a window air conditioner or central air unit, both require replacing your air conditioner filters regularly.

It will help improve the efficiency and longevity of your AC unit.

This is something that you can do on your own as well.

You need to ensure that the filter fits properly in the unit. So check the length, width, and thickness of your filter.

You can easily take a measuring tape and get the right measurements.

5 Reasons You Need to Change the Filters Regularly

  1. To reduce your energy bills.
  2. To improve the airflow in the home.
  3. To enhance the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).
  4. To avoid system breakdowns.
  5. To steer clear of expensive air conditioner repair costs.

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