How to decide if it’s time to repair or replace your AC?

Time to repair or replace your AC

Your conditioning unit stopped working, and now you’re torn between the selection of repair and replacing the air conditioning unit. Which option would be an economic decision in the long run? Which option would keep you away from spending loads of money on air conditioning repair for years?

If these are the questions haunting your mind, we can help. Following are some tips to help you take the right judgement.

How to decide if it's time to repair or replace your AC?

1.    Replace if the system is more than ten years old: Government authorised departments recommend that an A.C. unit older than ten years must be replaced for it loses its efficiency and ends up using more energy than required. It leads to increase in electricity consumption and hence a larger energy bill. So, if your unit is older than ten years, just ask for a replacement right now.

2.    Replace if the unit breaks down frequently: If your A.C. unit gives out often especially during peak hours, it is advisable that you go for a substitution instead of repair. However, you must understand that sometimes this happens because of bad repair service. For example, a faulty compressor might be repaired and can work fine for a while. But if the main fault that originally lead to failure of the compressor isn’t fixed, your compressor is very likely to break down again. Thus, hiring a professional air conditioning repair service is of utmost importance while considering the options of repair vs. replace.

3.    Replace if you’ve a faulted compressor out of warranty: Compressor is one of the most costly equipment that goes into an air conditioning unit and if your compressor breaks down and is out of warranty, you must consider commutation instead of repair. Do not spend your money on getting the core component corrected while there is a high chance of failure of other components very soon.

4.    Get an honest assessment: this is one of the most meaningful steps you need to ensure while considering the two options. Getting an accurate assessment of the fault and cost that would apply to fix it can make it easy to take the decision. If the cost is more than 50% of the original cost of a new unit, consider replacement else repair would be a good idea.

5.    Analyse efficiency of the unit: Get an estimate of the economy of the unit. In case, it has a lower efficiency, consider replacement as you can save almost 30% of your energy bills per year through this which will ultimately cover the cost of the new A.C. system and protect you from air conditioning repair costs for quite a while.

6.    Take your time: It is tough to stay calm when you have to sit in scorching heat without an air conditioner but if you don’t want to make a wrong decision in haste, you must sit down and analyse each scenario very carefully. Hiring a professional air conditioning repair service as a consultant on this issue is imperative. All the points mentioned above can be thoroughly analyzed by a skilled serviceman only. Do good research on the repair service you’re hiring for assessment and then choose wisely depending what option seems more economical to you then.

The choice is indeed a tough one but with careful analysis and sound advice, you can quickly make the right thing. Remember that choosing the right air conditioner repair service is a necessity to aid you in making the decision.

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