How To Stay Cool This Summer Without A/C?

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Are you already getting worried about your energy bills? Or maybe you’re just trying to cut down your air conditioning costs for budgeting purposes. Whatever it is, we can help you stay cool this summer without A/C. We have also included some tips to cut down the A/C running costs as we feel most of the times, the problem isn’t using an A/C, it is dealing with the big bills.

1. Change the exterior and interior paint

Dark colors absorb the heat. If your house’s exterior has a dark color, consider changing it. Same is with the interior paint. Light pastel shades will make your house naturally cool, as they reflect the light and also help your dwelling look bigger in size.

2. Block the light from entering your home

Remember that most of the heat in summer happens because of the light. If you block that light from entering your house, you can prevent it from heating up. Draw the shades during the daytime. Close the doors and windows. Do the opposite at night for the air is considerably cooler.

3. Stop using the oven

The oven can heat up your home. While you may think blaming an appliance for excessive heat is insane, it actually isn’t. If you don’t use the appliance or use it as less as possible, you can save yourself! Also, try to use other kitchen appliances that produce heat (gas stove, grill, toaster) as less as possible.

4. Try to keep your body cool

Wear loose and light clothes. Drink cool drinks (not cold drinks, they don’t really cool down your body from inside). Watermelon juice, lemon juice, and water are examples of what we’re talking about. Try not to go out under direct sunlight. Take a bath when you’re feeling too hot. These are some easy and hassle-free ways of keeping your body cool without an air conditioner.

5. Ensure proper ventilation

We wouldn’t recommend opening your doors and windows during the daytime. But ensure you do that during the night and let the cooler air enter inside your home. This will keep your house considerably cooler during the next day.

6. Try to reduce your air conditioning bills

If the only reason you want to stay cool in summer without A/C is the bill, here are some ways you can significantly reduce it!

Use an automatic thermostat

  1. Insulate your windows to stop the cool air from leaking out.
  2. Use a ceiling fan. It will circulate the cool air. This will make your room cool down quickly.
  3. Use an automatic thermostat.
  4. Schedule proper air conditioning repair and maintenance by calling a pro.
  5. Keep the filters clean. Clogged filters make your A/C run for longer time.

7. Some crazy hacks to make your house cool without A/C

There was a major power cut at our place a while ago, and the only thing we could do was to try such hacks we always read about. Here are the ones which worked for us!

1.    Dip a bed sheet in water and hang it in your room. Let the windows open (or switch on the ceiling fan if you have power). When the air falls on this wet sheet, it will make you feel like you are sitting in an air conditioned room.

2.    Take a big bowl of ice and keep it in your room. The ice will absorb the heat while it melts.

We have shared almost every hack and tip we knew and had verified over a course of time. We hope this will help you stay cool this summer without an A/C. If you do have an A/C but it’s not working properly, call in for air conditioner repair technician near you immediately.

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