Why is Air Conditioner Repair & Maintenance Crucial?

Air Conditioner Repair & Maintenance

Whether you are installing a new air conditioner or repairing old ones, it is important for you to understand that regular maintenance plays a crucial role.

Usually it’s a great idea to do some basic maintenance on your air conditioners at the start of every cooling as well as heating season.

We’ve outlined some great tips and the proper maintenance that needs to be carried out in order to ensure that your air conditioners work well and are in a good condition all the year round. We’ve also highlighted the consequences of improper maintenance.

Let’s take a quick look!

Summer & Spring

No doubt, summer is probably the only season that you’ll use it the most. So ensure the air conditioners are in an excellent working condition before the start of summer. Spring clean up is equally important because it is followed by hot summers when the air conditioner was used the maximum.

Here’s how you can ensure regular servicing and maintenance of the air conditioners.

Proper Maintenance

  • Spring maintenance will guarantee a good summer.
  • Hire professionals to ensure correct cleaning and sealing of duct for best performance. The air conditioner professionals can straighten bent fins, if required.
  • Spring is also the best time to repair or clean your system muddle.


If you maintain and service the air conditioners regularly, you will save up to 20% energy.

Consequences of Improper Maintenance

  • Not enough refrigerant means your home won’t be cooled, which can result in damage to the compressor.
  • The efficiency of your cooling system can be lost due to leakages in your duct, poor filters, poor sealing on the registers and grills.
  • Bent fins reduce the flow of air making the system run longer to cool your home properly.

All of the above can be taken care of by a professional air conditioner repair company. Contact one today to ensure a good summer and spring!

Use the following tips to ensure maximum and efficient cooling during summer and spring.

  • Set the rotation of your ceiling fan counterclockwise to cool the room.
  • It is good to maintain set points at least for 8 hours.
  • Add indoor plants to filter the VCOs in the air.
  • Use natural cleansers whenever possible.
  • Keep your household fans clean.

Winter & Fall

You may wonder why it’s vital to maintain the air conditioners during winter or fall. After all, it’s not used at all!

Well, that’s the exact reason why you should even consider maintenance and repair, if required.

Harsh winters can be particularly tough on outdoor equipment, especially when it snows. Similarly, fall means accumulation of leaves, debris and other such unwanted rubble. Ensure there’s no foliage or litter within 2 feet of the outdoor unit.

Here’s how maintenance during winter and fall will ensure the smooth running of your air conditioners in summer and spring.

Proper Maintenance

  • Clean your filters.
  • Changing filters once in three months is advisable.
  • Seal the gaps where bugs and other insects may wander in looking for warm spots.
  • Call a professional air conditioner repair company when in doubt.

Result of Improper Maintenance

  • Over time your filters collect debris and dust. It becomes a breeding ground for germs leading to poor quality of air and bad smell.
  • Accumulation of debris and other dust particles can be a problem for free air flow as well. This can cause a significant issue in the working of the motor and compressor.
  • The need of air conditioner maintenance can go up by 30% percent. This doesn’t include the repairs, when required.

Don’t look into the maintenance and repair of your air conditioners the day they give you a problem.

Most of us have a tendency to ignore or avoid regular checking to avoid small expenses. But small issues can lead to major ones, eventually burning a hole in your pockets.

Why not contact an air conditioner repair service provider in Dallas today and avoid any inconvenience and unnecessary costs?

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