Important FAQs Regarding Animal Removal

Animal removal advice

Those raccoons can damage your backyard. And I would have never written this post if it was just about raccoons. Wild animals on your property can be a threat to your life, especially when you have no idea on how to deal with them. Here are some questions and answers about animal removal that can help you stay more informed and safe.

1. Isn’t the city administration job to remove the animals?

It is usually not. It only takes care of issues related to pets like dogs and cats. Wildlife invasion requires different control measures. For example, it’s never just about raccoon removal. It’s about inspecting the damage it has done to your house, fixing the harm and sealing the holes to ensure it doesn’t come back. It’s a specialized field that requires professionals.

2. Can the pest control professional do the job?

Pest control companies specialize in insect removal. For animal removal, there are a different set of professionals who do not focus on killing the animal just to get rid of it. They remove the animal, ensure it doesn’t invade back and leave it in the wild or put it in an environment safe for its kind.

3. Can poisons help in animal removal?

animal removal faqs

They don’t. First of all, there’s no particular poison to kill wild animals. Add to it the fact that it is often illegal to kill wild animals. The only animals you can aim to kill with poisons is rats and mice. But does poison solve that problem?

Think about it. Where did these rats come from? If you use poison, is it sure that all of these rats will die? You can surely take care of the ones that are inside your home but what about the ones that are out? How can poison ensure they never come back? Then what happens when a rat eats the poison? What if it dies inside your house? A stinking dead rat in your attic is much worse than a rat that occasionally freaks you out. Isn’t it?

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So, it’s clear that poison isn’t the answer as it’s not effective and it doesn’t prevent the issue from happening again. Due to these two major factors, you need an animal removal professional instead of some poisons or pest control service.

4. Can animal removal company treat pests?

NO. It is absurd just to assume that animals and pests are similar. A company may have two branches and offer both animal removal service and pest control service. But one cannot do the work of the other. Both the fields are different. They treat a different kind of organisms. There are various methods to address such issues. There are different objectives.

5. What about the traps used? Are they lethal?

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Most of the times they’re. But it depends on your city’s rules regarding wildlife removal from residential areas as well as the convenience of the worker at a job. Sometimes, it’s just not possible to set-up the trap that could capture the animal alive. In such cases, you will have to decide what matters to you more – your convenience or love for animals.

6. Do you rehabilitate animals?

It has to be cleared to a lot of people that an animal removal service isn’t to be called if you see some wildlife animal in trouble or if you want them to have a better life. Such services exist to remove animals that are a nuisance for humans like rats, bats, raccoons, snakes, squirrels, etc. If the service professional is using a live-capture trap, you can ask him what he would do with the animal.

7. What types of animals can they remove?

All such common wildlife species are listed here. If one that’s bothering you isn’t on the list, call the animal removal service and ask if they can help you remove it. You can also find what else an animal removal service can do by following that link.

8. Can you come in contact with serious diseases because of wild animals?

All wildlife animals can cause illness. A fatal one of those is rabies. Mostly, it’s spread via dogs worldwide. In North America, it’s the bats. But don’t count out the raccoons, fox, and skunks. There are other diseases like rat bite fever, roundworm and many more names that sound too complicated to be mentioned here. Just try to maintain distance from wild animals and call an animal removal service if you come across one inside your property. Try your best to not get bitten.

These are the common questions related to animal removal. In case, I missed answering a question, feel free to comment down below and ask.

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