5 Appliances You Should Never Try To Repair Yourself

Appliance repair

We’re not trying to discourage you from repairing your appliances. Let’s be real here. Not every time you have enough resources to call up a repair man, spend hundreds of dollars on appliance repair. In fact, many a time, the problem is so minor that it can be easily fixed. Then there are so many Youtube videos that tell you exactly how to do it, so it’s all safe and sound.

But DIY disasters are as real as the trend of DIYs in U.S. They happen and sometimes they can cause danger to your life and property. Or at least, make you spend a lot of money. Do you get why we’re writing this now? Just to make sure you never face the disasters. You can surely do as many DIYs as you want.

1.    Air Conditioner (compressor)

Cleaning up the filters is something we all should do by ourselves. But when you detect that your air conditioner isn’t functioning properly, you should rather call in for repair. Parts like compressors and evaporators require expertise to be fixed. If you make a slight mistake, it will easily ruin your A.C. unit. And it’s far expensive to get a ruined A.C. fixed than a faulty one.

2.    Refrigerator

refrigerator appliance repair

A refrigerator is basically an air conditioner. It’s almost the same (the underlying working principles of a fridge and an A.C. are same), and that’s why you should leave the repair task for experts. Of course, things like changing the bulb or the glass top (which often gets broken while an angry wife is trying to take out the stored food items) are doable (unless you’ve got the latest technology). But anything else than that requires you to call for an appliance repair service.

3.    Oven

Components like thermostat, gas pipes, valves and fuses are high-risk components which can be damaged unintentionally. Don’t try to fix them!

4.    Gas stoves

If you think you’ve the expertise, and you’re very sure of what you’re doing go for it. You can call up fire service and even ask them to check for leakage once you’re done. But if you’re slightly unsure, you should not put your life in danger. One of the leading causes of house fires in U.S. is appliances. Faulty fixes add up to those. Be careful!

5.    Any device under warranty

Never try to repair an appliance under warranty by yourself

Guess what! All those new guys who are trying their best to impress you would offer to help you with that faulty appliance. They will convince you how small the task is and how you don’t need to call up the service center for repair. Why would you even listen to them?

Your appliance is under warranty and by trying to fix it yourself; you will just get your warranty void. We can’t find any reason you would still choose spending your time, money and warranty. Just don’t try to fix the appliances under warranty.

Getting professional help for appliance repair isn’t always costly. It rather saves you from costly repairs in future. So, next time your try to fix your machine, take a few moments to think if it’s okay to do it.

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