How To Clean Different Types of Blinds?

Blind cleaning

Do you always tend to skip blind cleaning? Most of us do it only when it becomes hard not to notice how dirty it is. Until then, we put it off until next day. It’s not your fault. It’s because people get confused on how to clean the blinds properly.

I love blinds as they help you save space and I have them all around my house. Working on them for years, I have discovered some great tips for blind cleaning. Keep reading to know more.

Guide to faux wood blind cleaning

Faux wood blind cleaning

1. Use a vacuum cleaner

If it’s just the dust that’s bothering you, you can quickly clean it off by using a vacuum cleaner. There’s a dusting attachment that comes with vacuum cleaners. It’s the one with a small nozzle. Grab it and start cleaning the blinds.

You need to clean each strip/slat one by one, first from the front side and then from the backside. It may sound repetitive, but that’s how you achieve a perfect finish.

2. How to remove grease from the blinds?

If you’ve blinds in the kitchen, you need this. The grease and stickiness apparently don’t go away with a vacuum cleaner. For that, all you need is white vinegar. Mix it with equal portions of water and put it on each strip of the blinds one by one using a cloth. The grease will come off in seconds. Just like in the previous step, you need to do it first from the front and then from the backside to achieve a perfectly clean finish.

Guide to clean wood blinds

Refrain from using water for such kind of blind cleaning. The wood may soak up this water, and it’s common knowledge that water can damage wooden furniture. It’ll do the same to your blinds. So, if you’re using it, use a little amount of water, it’s still fine. But instead, grab a furniture polish from the local supplies store and spray on a cloth and wipe it on each of the slats.

Guide to fabric blind cleaning

1. Vacuum cleaner comes pretty handy

For fabric blinds, you can again use a vacuum with the dust brush attachment. The dust and dirt that gets accumulated in the material will come off very quickly.

2. Use a hair dryer to remove small objects stuck in the blinds

Sometimes, insects get trapped in the blinds and instead of trying to pick them out with your hands, you should use a blow dryer and blow out the insects from the fabric. It will work better and would not leave any bug remains on it.

3. How to treat stains?

Grab some soapy water, apply it on the affected area and rinse it off. Be very gentle. It’ll take some time for the stain to come off but keep rubbing the area softly until it happens. You must ensure that you don’t make the blinds extremely wet. You just need to dampen the area and also let it dry.

Guide to clean aluminum blinds

Aluminum blind cleaning

The best way to do it is to take them off and then dip them in the soapy water for a while. Take them off, let them dry and then put them back. It’s an efficient and quick method for blind cleaning and also helps to take off the grease and oil.

Another way you can follow is the one I suggested for cleaning the faux-wood blinds using a vacuum cleaner. Both of these are effective methods, but it depends on your convenience and personal choice.

If you’re not able to clean these properly, especially when you have fabric blinds, you should consider calling a professional blind cleaning service. It’s a good option too. It’s crucial to do thorough blind cleaning at least once every two years or your blinds will be permanently dirty/damaged. Think about it and choose well. You have all the tips. What do you think of these?

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