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Blind Cleaning

The type blind cleaning you need depends on the amount of dust deposited on them. If there is only a small coating of dust, a mere dusting with a moist cloth is enough. This method is very advantageous because the dust doesn’t get released into the air, it’s safe and inexpensive.

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The best and the cheapest blind cleaning needs only some white vinegar and a cotton glove or an old sock. You can place the glove or sock on your hand and dip the fingers in a container holding vinegar. Squeeze out excess vinegar. Now you may run your fingers along both sides of the first slat to wipe out all dust. After finishing a few slats, you may remove the dust or slime from the sock, dip it in vinegar again, and go over the remaining slats.

For fabric or vinyl blind cleaning , you may use a rubber dry sponge to remove dust.

Metal or vinyl blind cleaning can be taken outside, and cleaned. Ensure that you secure the floor with enough towels before placing the blinds on it for cleaning to prevent any scratching. After washing the blinds carefully, you may hang them out to dry and then re-hang them on the windows.

In the case of fabric blind cleaning, if they are extremely dirty, you can take them to a dry cleaner who specializes in window treatments.

Useful Blind Cleaning Tips From samedaypros.com

When blind cleaning wood, do not over saturate the wood. Wipe excess water off immediately to avoid discoloring and/or warping.

It is good to vacuum blinds often with a brush attachment, but do it across the slats, not up and down.

Whatever blind cleaner you use, make sure that there is no contact with the eyes and prolonged contact with the skin.

If you wipe down the slats  with fabric softener sheets after blind cleaning and drying them, you can postpone the dust build-up. It will also give a fresh and pleasant smell to the blinds.

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