Shopping Guide: Best Tips For Buying New Blinds

Blind sales

Maybe you finally realized that it’s time to upgrade or you moved to a new placethe reason why you want to buy new blinds can be any. I totally love them as they save space and are a perfect fit for small apartments and condos. They serve the purpose very well, and if you choose wisely, they work as excellent home decor items. While I am saying it, I think I need to mention it specifically…

Why buy blinds?

With no intention to make blind sales, I can tell you that

  1. Shades save space and are certainly better than curtains.
  2. Blinds provide you proper privacy.
  3. They can block the heat during the summer and keep your house cooler.
  4. You can easily open these to let the heat in during winter.
  5. They work as excellent home decor items.

How to buy good blinds?

There are so many sizes and types of blinds that it will certainly confuse you. But the core things that should matter to you while doing blind shopping are:

  1. Your budget
  2. Your requirements
  3. Where do you want to place the blinds?

1. Budget: Budgeting is important as blinds can get costly. There are less expensive variants, but you should always set your budget first and then see which the ones you can afford are. There’s no point of thinking of buying a particular type of blind only to find out that it’s going to cost way over your budget.

2. Requirements: By requirements, I mean anything that may affect your decision of buying blinds. What’s the purpose of buying these? Is it to block heat or just for privacy? Do you want it to work as a home decor item that would enhance your house’s beauty?

It also gets affected by your cleaning habits. Any home decor piece you add in your house has to be cleaned, and it’s a bad idea if you buy something and not plan to clean it. It will decrease the product’s lifetime and make your house look shabby and unappealing. Some blinds have to be cleaned more than others.

Blinds as home decor enhancers

For example, standard blinds made of wood or faux wood look amazing, but they need more cleaning than the fabric ones that are superb at concealing the dust and can be easily cleaned using a vacuum cleaner.

3. Placement and size: Your buying decision will also be affected by where you’re going to place the blinds. For example, wood blinds don’t work well in bathroom and kitchen. It’s due to the moisture and grease. They go bad quickly.

The size of the window you want to cover also matters. For example, if you have a wide window, vertical blinds look much better than horizontal ones. Horizontal blinds work better on vertical windows.

Vertical blind sales

So, these are the core factors that affect blind sales and buying criteria. There are plenty of blind designs available each serving a different purpose. And it’s up to your convenience to decide what matters to you more and then move on to buy these.

I hope, with this post, you got a basic idea on how to buy blinds the right way. You can also check some of my tips on blind cleaning to get more ideas on what it takes to upkeep a particular type of blinds. The post also has mention of the top types of blinds and would be helpful for you in the blinds shopping.

If you have any questions, mention right away in the comments.

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