3 Carpet Cleaning Tips from the Experts

Professional Carpet Cleaning

No matter how cautious you are or how much effort you put in keeping your house clean, the carpet on your floor will eventually fall victim to spills, drops and accidents. Sometimes, you need something more than just plain effort. That is when you need to learn the secrets to carpet cleaning that even professionals don’t tell you about. Here are some cleaning tips to get rid of those tough stains that make your clean floor carpet look awfully dirty.

1) Blot the stains, try not to rub them

Using a cleaning solution, take the help of a clean cloth to dab the tough stains on your carpet. The key here is ‘blotting’. With blotting, you can exert that little amount of pressure on the stains required to soak them up instead of causing the dirt particles to ground into the carpet, something that happens while rubbing. Also, remember to bloat the stain from the outside, and then moving inwards, which will prevent the stain from spreading further.

2) Use soda against wine and beer stains

It’s common to hear about how effective club soda is against beer and wine stains on the carpet. Well, it is if used correctly. Start by blotting the area with club soda using a clean cloth. If it doesn’t work well, mix water and white vinegar in equal proportions and spray the solution over the stained area allowing it 10 to 20 minutes to get soaked in by the carpet. Later, soak up the solution and stain from the carpet by pressing a clean sponge onto the affected area.

3) Get rid of that chewing gum on the carpet

Often, you step inside with chewing gum on your shoes and don’t realize it until it turns into a sticky mess. To get it out of your carpet, get a few ice cubes and ‘freeze the gum’ with ice cubes for about a minute. Once the gum is frozen, use a spoon to lift the globe while you cut the carpet strands attached to it. Cutting close to the attached strands will make sure that the patch stays unnoticed and the gum problem is solved with little effort.

Even with all these tips and all your efforts, carpet cleaning can be a daunting task at times. Moreover, carpet cleaning professionals have a much better understanding of grime and dirt, and what it takes to get rid of the tough stains. For quick professional carpet cleaning services in your area, do a quick search on Same Day Pros.

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