4 Nifty Cleaning Tips To Restore The Luster of Your Carpet

Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpets add a sense of class and richness to every room they adorn. Besides adding aesthetical value to the room, they also deliver immense comfort that no other flooring choice can offer in the same capacity. But since carpets are susceptible to damage, dust and stains, they need regular cleaning to restore their brilliant luster.

1. Vacuum Regularly

Vacuuming is the most basic cleaning step that must be undertaken regularly — at least once a week or fortnight. While vacuuming, pay close attention to high foot traffic places on the carpet. Work the carpet twice over with the vacuum for more effective cleaning.

2. Test For Color Fastness

Before cleaning your carpet check for color fastness. Colorfast carpets will not bleed, fade or change color when you are cleaning the carpet. Find an inconspicuous area on the carpet to test it without causing unsightly damage on more obvious areas. Dampen a separate cloth with the stain remover you are going to use. Lay the cloth on the carpet for an hour and follow this up by blotting out the damp area with a dry cloth. Check if there is any color from the carpet has run. If not, then you can get the process of cleaning underway.

3. Blot Stains and Avoid Rubbing

You’ll want to remove all stains on the carpet to restore its original condition. Start by blotting the stains with a non-toxic stain remover. Blotting requires you to put gentle pressure on the stain, but take care not to rub the stain. Rubbing will cause the stain to spread outwards, making it bigger than before. Apart from professional stain removers, you can use natural ingredients like vinegar, baking soda, salt and shaving cream to remove stains. No matter what cleaning agent you use, always blot the stain rather than rub on it.

4.  Undertake Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning or water extraction works by injecting a cleaning solution into the carpet and pulling the dirt out of the carpet into the machine. Steam cleaning is best done by professionals because this method could cause your carpet to get excessively wet and damaged if not done correctly. It remains one of the most effective carpet cleaning methods for removing all kinds of dirt and stains.

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