5 Proven Methods To Keep Dog Hair Off Your Carpet

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Being a pet owner is a huge responsibility. It’s no less than have a kid. You have to feed it on time and be on a lookout for abnormal behavior. You have to take it to walks and make sure it meets its regular exercise requirements. You have to play with it and train it to be an obedient and well-mannered pet. With all these responsibilities, the need to clean your house aggravates when you’ve pets.

Pet dander can be a cause of diseases if you don’t maintain enough hygiene. Pets also bring in lots of dust and harmful bacteria through their cheerful walks. And what’s worse is the hair. They keep falling off. Do you think it’s a problem only with dogs that have more fur?

I have a Labrador retriever and a German shepherd. The former one is a breed that sheds comparatively less hair but even when I didn’t have the German shepherd; I faced the challenge of removing the dog hair from every other object in my house.

The biggest issue is the carpet. While you can clean dog hair from objects by regular dusting and vacuum the whole indoor area of your house and get rid of the dog hair, it’s tough to remove dog hair completely from your carpet.

The reason behind is that the hair gets stuck in carpet fibers and don’t come off with regular carpet cleaning or vacuuming we do. It requires special techniques, equipment and effort.

In this post, I am going to list some proven ways to keep dog hair off your carpet.  These methods have helped me deal with pet hair in an easy and smooth manner. I hope this will help lighten your burden to keep your carpet dog hair free.

1. Reduce the hair fall itself

I understand that this isn’t at all related to carpet cleaning, but I feel it’s essential to mention here. Instead of trying to fix the problem, why not just stop it from happening?  You can substantially reduce pet hair all over your house by following a strict schedule every morning. Just brush your pet’s hair.

What I do is apply dry dog shampoo to my dogs’ hair and then brush them off. I spend at least ten minutes on each dog, and this ensures that the hair which would have otherwise found a way into my carpet or some other area of the house are now on the hair brush and can easily be disposed of.

It helps your pooch be more comfortable and makes its coat shiny. Why not get disciplined then?

2. Vacuum regularly

Another habit you need to develop is vacuuming your carpet regularly. I suggest you do it every day. Why? Because your dog sheds hair every day (even if you don’t notice). If you remove the set of hair that fall on the carpet every 24 hours, there are very fewer chances that these will go deep in the fibers or get stuck.

On the other hand, when you delay the vacuuming, the hair gets pressed onto the carpet as you walk over it. This hair is the one that’s making your carpet dirty and putting you at health risks.

3. Hair removal through wet gloves

Get some rubber gloves, wear them and sprinkle some water over your hands. Now, rub your hands all over the carpet in one direction. All the dog hair would get rubbed off the fibers and stick to the wet rubber gloves. These will eventually end up at the corner of the carpet or on the floor from where you can quickly pick them up and dispose of them.

This method works well when you can see dog hair on the carpet pretty clearly but find it too cumbersome to pull each hair strand out of the carpet. Just rub your hand and it will work better than a vacuum to get dog hair off the carpet.

4. Use specific tools for pet hair removal

Visit your nearest pet stores and look for the tools mentioned as follows – rubber rakes, pet hair rollers, pet hair magnets and hair removal sponges. People have mixed views about all these products. Some claim that these works like magic and some say these don’t work at all.

I would suggest you experiment with each of the tools and see if any of these work for you. I love pet hair rollers. Have helped me a lot during emergency situations and when I run out of gloves.

5. Hire a professional carpet cleaner

Do you know if you try any of the tips mentioned above, you will see little results? Why is that so? Because to get exact results I promised you in this post, you need to start with a clean slate. Just like I started with a clean slate when I decided to make my carpets dust free and bacteria free, you need to make sure you begin with a thoroughly deep cleaned carpet.

Either you can buy a new carpet, or you can hire a professional carpet cleaning company. The company will most probably use hot water extraction method to blow hot water onto your carpet and then vacuum it. With the high-pressure stream of water and powerful vacuuming, all dust and pet hair get removed from your carpet. They also ensure they dry it properly so that you don’t run the risk of mold or mildew growth.

Once you have a clean carpet, you can follow all the above-mentioned steps and keep your carpet dog hair free for a long time. I hope this gave you some new ideas or makes your life easier. Let me know what you think!

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