5 Tips To Hire A Same Day Carpet Cleaning Company

Professional Carpet Cleaning Company

With the ease and choice of options for hiring the same day carpet cleaning company, it is astonishing to see how many people end up hiring a wrong person and face a lot of discomforts and useless expenditure.

Are you planning to call up a new carpet cleaner? Are you already looking for a carpet cleaning company in your area that could turn your dirty stained carpet into a fresh piece of art? Don’t hurry!

Of course, it seems very easy to find and hire the same day carpet cleaning company but being easy doesn’t increase the chances of it being right. You may end up hiring the wrong company. You may end up facing a severe loss. And we can help you avoid that.

With our tips to find a reputable same day carpet cleaning company, you can learn how to look for the right company, what questions to ask them and how to differentiate a good company from a fake one. Here are the tips. Make sure you read them carefully.

1. Research well

Let’s start from how you will locate the same day carpet cleaning providers in your area. Of course, you can directly use Same Day Pros for this purpose, or maybe you can ask your neighbors for some references.

The right way to go with this is to spend good enough time in reading customer reviews. Find out what other people are saying about the company you’re considering to hire. Is it good? Are their clients happy with their service? How did the company deal with unsatisfied customers?

You can also put a little more effort and ask for direct references from the business itself. That would allow you interact with their previous clients and gain a better idea of what to expect from that particular company.

2. Ask detailed questions about the services provided

Once you know that people are saying good stuff about the business you’re considering, it’s time to engage in a direct conversation with company’s executive. The most important questions that are often skipped are about the services.

If you don’t ask about the services, additional charges, costs and various factors affecting the cost, you might as well up for a nasty surprise. If you don’t want such an unpleasant experience with carpet cleaners, consider asking the following questions:

  • How much do you charge per square foot?
  • Do you charge on an hourly basis or the flat rate per job basis?
  • Which cleaning method do you use?
  • What kind of carpet cleaning tools and chemicals you use? Are they environment-friendly?
  • Are there any ongoing discounts or coupons?
  • How much time will you take to clean the carpet?
  • Who would be responsible for moving the furniture? Do you charge extra for that?
  • What kind of additional costs apply to the job?
  • Who is going to work on-site?

Questions like these can not only help you manage your expectations but also help you get a better idea about the carpet cleaning contractor. You would know if that person is trying to fool you or is a professional working on providing the best experience for his customers.

3. Ask for license and insurance proof

Even if the company gives an impression of a group of professional experts, you must not skip this part while trying to hire the same day carpet cleaning contractor.

A valid license indicates that the contractor is well trained and is operating his business legally in your area.

Liability insurance and workman’s compensation can save you from a lot of hassles in case something goes wrong. Therefore, don’t be shy to ask for these documents.

4. Avoid the same day carpet cleaning companies with lowest quote

There’s always something fishy about unbelievable discounts. If a contractor is offering you his services at a much lesser price than the industry average, you should just walk away and look for some other company.

Most of the times contractors with lowest quotes end up delivering the worst quality of work. We’re sure you don’t want your carpets to be ruined during the cleaning process. Do you?

5. Inquire about the cleaning process

Last but not the least, you must ask about the cleaning process a company uses. There are five main steps involved in carpet cleaning.

  1. Dry Soil Removal to remove dry soils using a vacuum cleaner on the carpet.
  2. Soil Suspension to loosen the soil from the carpets. It is done by using a pre-treatment chemical on the carpet.
  3. Soil extraction is hot water extraction method or steam cleaning method that is used for carpet cleaning.
  4. Grooming to distribute the cleaning agent among the fibers of the carpets evenly.
  5. Drying to make the carpet dry and ready for use.

All the professional carpet cleaning companies use these five steps as the fundamentals of the carpet cleaning process, and you must ensure that all these steps are followed by the business you’re planning to hire.

These are our five tips to hire a reputable same day carpet cleaning company. It is crucial that you don’t miss any of these tips mentioned unless you’re ready for trouble.

Have you ever hired a professional carpet cleaning company before? What were your takeaways from that experience?

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