6 Stains That You’ll LOVE to Clean From Your Carpets With These Homemade Carpet Stain Removers! We’re Not Kidding…

Wine Stains

“With two kids and a pet at home, hiring local carpet cleaning services every month didn’t look feasible. I tried calling a carpet cleaning company near me once but even before I could enjoy the sight of a clean carpet, my angels were back to spoiling it. At this rate, hiring a professional carpet cleaning service is not practical. What is the next best solution?”

One of our readers shared this concern. So we just had to address this issue which many homeowners across the US face as well.

Hiring local carpet cleaning services is certainly recommended once in six months or 12 months depending on the foot traffic and number of people at home.

But in between those professional visits, there are homemade carpet cleaning solutions that can be used to quickly clean those unsightly stains.

That said, you need to know that not all DIY carpet stain removers are effective and not all carpet stains can be cleaned using the same method

To clean carpet stains, you should first know the cause of the stain. It will make you clean the stains effectively.

6 Best Homemade Carpet Cleaners to Clean Different Stains

1.Wet Stains

The hack to clean wet stains is to clean them as soon as possible.

Letting the stains dry will make them tougher. So as soon as you spill anything on the carpet, spread a layer of baking soda on it.

You need to spread a generous amount so that the top layer of it is remains dry.

If it is wet, then it will attract more dirt.

Leave the baking soda for a few minutes and then vacuum it.

You will notice baking soda will absorb all the liquid and make your clean your carpet.

2. Dark Food Stains

If your pets have carried mud onto your carpet or if you have accidentally spilt hot fudge sauce,  do not use the baking soda hack.

First let the stain dry and then scrape it off.

Vacuum the pieces and then clean the carpet with a solution of liquid dish soap and warm water.

Gently dab the area with a sponge and then wipe it dry with a towel.

3. Makeup Stains

Makeup stains are another common type of stains in every household. They are easy to remove if wet, so you will have to dampen the stain.

Then clean it with a liquid soap.

This should clean your carpet but you can still use a makeup remover if you wish.

4. Acidic Stains

You can make a carpet cleaner that can help you clean acidic stains like that of sauces and ketchup.

To make such a cleaner, take a cup of warm water and add a tablespoon of ammonia. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle and spray it on the stain.

Squeeze the excess liquid out of the carpet and blot it.

Repeat this process until the stain disappears.

5. Greasy Food or Crayons

Scrape off the food and then layer a paper towel on top of it.

Iron the paper towel with the iron set to the lowest temperature. The paper towel will absorb all the grease.

Then apply a mixture of white vinegar, warm water, and soap.

Leave for a few minutes and rinse with clean water.

Alternatively, you can also use rubbing alcohol to clean the stain. Just dab it on the stain and blot with a towel.

6. Coffee or Wine Stains

Coffee and wine stains are tough to remove. So you should act quickly.

Blot the stain immediately and pour club soda on it.

It will remove the stain completely. But if you still see some stains you can rinse with soapy water.

However, remember to rinse with plain water after it.

To get rid of pet poop, you can follow the same steps.

These carpet cleaning tips will surely help you. But the best way to keep the carpet clean is routine maintenance.

If you are short of time and need same day professional carpet cleaning services, you can contact a carpet cleaning pro on Same Day Pros or download the free app, available on Android and iOS.

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