The 8 best tips for reducing carpet cleaning costs

Carpet Cleaning Cost

Professional carpet cleaning doesn’t have to be costly. Not always. Here’s a short yet detailed guide on how you can reduce costs on carpet cleaning. You don’t have to compromise with cleaning quality to save money. Not after you’ve read this!

1. Get a rug that’s easier to clean

Some carpets are relatively difficult to clean than others. Berber is most accessible to clean and costs around $90. Cut and level loop carpets cost around $60-$120 to clean. The costliest and most difficult to clean carpets are made of wool or cotton. The cost is around $100- $150 on an average.

2. Choose the carpet with a darker colour

Yes, it starts right when you buy a rug. Just like fabrics affect carpet cleaning costs, the colour of the carpet is equally important. Lighter colours magnify all the scratches, stains, wear and tear and are tough to clean. Hence, the cost to clean them is high. Better choose carpets in darker shades.

3. Save money by choosing the right pricing structure

Carefully analyze which pricing structure suits you. On flat rate per job basis, there’s a cap set by carpet cleaning companies. If your room’s square footage exceeds that, they consider it as two rooms. Often companies tend to overcharge by overestimating the square footage. Ask the company to take proper measurements before giving you an estimate. As a general rule, we would suggest you go for price per square footage only when you have a big house. For condos and the small apartment, flat rate per job works well.

4. Cleaning method

Cleaning method affects the cost. The most recommended cleaning method, hot water extraction, is slightly cheaper than dry cleaning. But it requires you to wait for 24 hours to let the carpet dry whereas dry cleaning lets you use the carpet right away. Choice of cleaning method depends on your requirements, but to cut some costs, go for the former one.

5. Stain removal

Stain removal almost always cost extra while opting for professional carpet cleaning. Even when you’re trying to remove them, you require certain chemicals and products. The removal cost depends on the type and size of stain. We recommend that you try some DIY stain removal methods to treat the stains immediately. Be careful for it involves significant risk.

6. Discounts

Companies offer special discounts to their regular customers. There are discounts on bigger cleaning packages. Grab such discount offers to save some money. It’s a good idea to ask for discounts from the company even if they’re not publicly offering discounts. You can get some great deals just by asking.

7. Handling extra costs

Just like additional stain removal costs, there are added costs for furniture removal, stain resistance, colour repair and spot cleaning. Analyze if you require such services. If not, mention it right away to cut some carpet cleaning costs.

8. Look for satisfaction guarantee

You can avoid recurring costs through this. With a satisfaction guarantee, the company takes the responsibility of any spots that are left unclean or in the case; the stains come back within a few hours. It can also save you from lots of emotional trouble.

Did you notice the pattern? Be careful when you buy a carpet. Choose the right fabric and color. Then maintain it well by treating stains immediately and picking a good company for proper cost analysis. It’s not tough. Just keep these things in mind. Better bookmark this to remind you of these tips now and then. And you’re ready to go. Thank us later. Save some money first!

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