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The Benefits of Advertising on

All businesses rely on sales for survival, and all sales begin with a lead. Professional service providers know that generating leads can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars – think of all those flyers, ads in local magazines and promotional magnets that end up tossed in the trash to obtain just a few new clients.

Now there’s a better way for professional service providers to generate leads and sales, reduce their advertising costs and the costs of doing business – by advertising on SameDayPros.

SameDayPros was created by CEO Corey Robinson, formerly a professional service provider in the carpet cleaning business for more than 20 years. His aim was to deliver maximum value to both consumers who need same day service and the service providers who advertise with the website. “I wanted to create a one stop platform for consumers to achieve their same day service needs and give professional service providers the lowest same day service advertising rates possible,” he says.

For a low monthly subscription rate, a professional service provider can list their business on That’s right – you could easily pay for a full year of advertising on the site with just one job! Same Day Pros uses GPS tracking technology to connects On Demand professional service providers with customers in their area who need same day service – and there’s no bidding, no pushy “upsells” and no fees or charges.

The website and app were designed to make it as easy as possible for consumers to connect with On Demand service professionals in their neighborhoods. Unless you’re already working on a job and have paused your GPS tracking, consumers will see you nearby and know that you’re available to get to work immediately – and you’ll start receiving jobs right away.

Most consumers choose the service provider who is closest to their home. And that’s it – a job for you with absolutely no effort required! And because Same Day Pros never acts like the middleman, the client will always pay you as soon as the job is done – there’s no waiting around for your sales income, you get paid the same day once the project is completed. You owe no commissions, no fees and no charges – you keep every penny of what you make!

Forget the traditional marketing channels that cost hundreds or thousands and don’t bring you more customers – SameDayPros is designed to funnel customers in your area to your business without you having to do anything. We do a variety of online, print, TV and billboard advertising throughout the United States with the main focus on getting the consumer to download and use the app or website. We have become the most prominent advertising and marketing medium for On Demand service professionals to connect with people who need their services that day.

If you’re a professional service provider, you can’t afford not to be on – you could be missing out on thousands of dollars in sales and cost of business reductions per year!

We all know the internet has revolutionized the way people do business, and consumers looking for professional service providers are no different from any other consumers – when they need something, they go to the internet first. Get your business right in front of them with and revolutionize your business today.

How Does it Work?

It’s simple – sign up for a profile on and pay a once-annual fee. You can sign up in more than 100 categories and with as many phone numbers as you want. You control how much exposure and how many leads you get.

Then, when potential customers look for a service provider on, our GPS-based advertising service shows them the closest service providers already in their neighborhoods. If they select you as their service provider, you keep everything you make – no commissions, no charges, and no fees, guaranteed.

Our platform doesn’t require you to “bid” for jobs. It simply shows searching homeowners professionals who are already in their neighborhoods. This reduces the cost of doing business for the service provider by saving time chasing leads, filling unscheduled work time, saving money on fuel and added labor and increasing your sales (and therefore profits) for the day.

We leave all the advertising decisions to you. That means you’ll never have to deal with pushy salespeople trying to “upsell” you on a more expensive advertising plan. Spend as little or as much as you want – it’s your choice.

If you do want to upgrade and spend a little extra, we offer complete website services starting at $75 per month. For a limited time, check out our deluxe website and SEO package for $600 per month. With Google constantly changing their algorithms and wiping local service providers off the map, this is the best way to ensure your website gets and stays in front of the eyeballs of customers.

Think about it – fewer unfilled working hours. More jobs in your local area. Less driving long distances and filling up on gas. Less money spent on lead generation. More sales for less effort. What’s not to like?

And remember, you can get started on for as little as $300 per year. What else could you do with that money that would have the same impact? What else could bring you thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars in sales and reduced work costs per year, without you having to lift a finger?

SameDayPros is the advertising and marketing solution for professional service providers who want to grow their businesses and thrive in this crowded marketplace. With the power of SameDayPros behind you, there’s nothing your business can’t achieve.  Harness the power of the internet today and start bringing in more leads and more sales to your business immediately – it’s as simple as signing up in one of our more than 100 service provider categories. Then sit back and let the same day sales come to you!

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