Beware Of Fly By Night Carpet Cleaners

professional carpet cleaning

Professional Carpet Cleaners or Fly By Night Carpet Cleaners

Do you need to find the most expensive local carpet cleaner in town? Absolutely not! Just because a local carpet cleaning company is priced high does not make them an expert in the carpet cleaning industry. However, we highly recommend doing your research before hiring a local carpet cleaning company.

Finding a Local Professional Carpet Cleaning Company

So how do you find the right local carpet cleaning company that will be professional and meet or exceed your carpet cleaning expectations? Use the interent. Yes, it really is that simple.  You can even find local carpet cleaning professionals already working in your neighborhood by going to or by using the FREE app. In today’s fast paced world you really can find out anything about a company with a simple online search from The information you will find could include:

  • Carpet cleaning ratings and reviews, both good & bad
  • How long the carpet cleaning company has been in business
  • Carpet cleaning Before/After Photos
  • If they are in fact professionals in the carpet cleaning industry
  • You can find all this plus same day service at

So with a simple  search at you are basically being given the opportunity to give the prospective carpet cleaning company a job interview without them ever even knowing. Pretty cool huh?

What if the carpet cleaning company I want to hire is nowhere to be found online?

Stay away! Just kidding. But we do recommend being careful choosing a carpet cleaning company like this. Believe it or not over the years  has seen carpet cleaning companies change their name several times. Why would they do that you ask? Its simple, once you receive a lot of negative feedback it starts to get harder and harder to market to consumers online.

Most consumers will not call a carpet cleaning company that is rated 3.1 out of 5 stars. It is human nature to choose something that is talked about in the highest regard. Consumers want to make sure they are getting a quality carpet cleaning service.

The carpet cleaning companies that change their name in this industry know this. They know the chances of being hired over other reputable carpet cleaning companies that have excellent feedback will be very difficult. So they simply try and start over with a new name expecting things to change. But guess what? It will still be the same equipment along with the same work ethic that put them in this predicament to begin with.

This is the reason why Same Day Pros says to be cautious when hiring a carpet cleaning company that you suspect has changed names or has no internet presence.

How to Spot a Professional Local Carpet Cleaning Company?

Here are a few ways you can tell if the carpet cleaning company you are looking to hire is in fact a local professional carpet cleaners.

  1. Do they seem happy and professional when answering the phone?
  2. Do they have a strong internet presence?
  3. Do they have excellent feedback?
  4. Do they use a professional equipment?
  5. Do they respond quickly to your emails?
  6. Do they have experienced/professional carpet cleaning technicians?
  7. Do they offer professional references?
  8. Do they offer carpet cleaning estimates?
  9. Do they offer same day carpet cleaning service?
  10. Is all the carpet cleaning work guaranteed?

At Same Day Pros you can find local professional same day carpet cleaning companies already working in your neighborhood. You can check their ratings and reviews before deciding which local carpet cleaner best fits your needs. With more than 100 categories to choose from, achieving local professional same day service or same day estimates has never been easier.

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