What are the 6 Biggest Carpet Cleaning Mistakes?

Carpet Cleaning Professionals Near Me

Cleaning your carpets at regular intervals is a great way to keep the dust and dirt at bay in Baltimore.

But getting a professional carpet cleaning company nearby to clean your carpets at least once in 6 months is highly recommended.


Because with proper maintenance, you can extend the life of your carpets significantly.

Not only that, but regular cleaning and maintenance will also withstand a lot of wear and tear over the years.

Unfortunately, many homeowners tend to make a lot of mistakes while cleaning their carpets.

So here are 6 carpet cleaning mistakes that you must avoid.

1 – Not Cleaning Stains Immediately

Usually, most people procrastinate and don’t clean stains on carpets immediately. This is probably one of the worst things they can do to their carpets.

Cleaning the stain instantly will ensure it doesn’t set in and spoil the look of your carpet. Plus when it’s still wet, you don’t have to apply heavy chemicals and too much pressure to clean it.

2 – Not Calling in the Professionals

If your carpets are stained with food, mud, dirt and dust because of the weather, your pets or children, then you need to hire a professional carpet cleaning service.

This is because the professional service providers can clean your carpet thoroughly, which a DIY approach can’t.

In fact, DIY methods can ruin the condition of your carpet, making it worse than before. Also, if you don’t have the right products and equipment, then it can affect your and your family’s health.

3 – Not Testing Carpet Cleaning Products Before Using Them

Most homeowners tend to avoid this essential test before cleaning. If you’ve ever called a professional carpet cleaning company to come and clean your carpets, you’ve probably noticed that even they do this.

All the products that are available in the market are different. Plus carpets are made up of a variety of fibers.

So there’s a high possibility that a particular cleaning product may not suit your carpet type. To avoid this, always do a patch test prior to using it on your carpets.


Some carpet manufacturers state the suitable products to use while cleaning the carpet. So check the manual once before you use them.

4 – Not Vacuuming Before Cleaning

Always vacuum before you opt for a deep wet cleaning. Why is this important?

Because vacuuming will loosen the dirt, debris and grime stuck in the lower layers of carpet. After this, when you perform wet cleaning on the the carpet, it’s easy for you to get rid of the dirt in no time.

This is extremely important for areas with heavy traffic like entrances and walkways in your homes or offices.

5 – Not Using Proper Cleaning Materials

Cleaning with any fancy material will stain your carpet instead of cleaning them.

So, it is advisable to clean your carpets with white cloth or paper. This will ensure that the color of the cleaning materials does not have any adverse effect on a rug or carpet.

6 – Not Cleaning the Stains in the Right Way

It is seen that most people rub the stain to clean it. But, that is a completely wrong way of cleaning them.

You need to blot the stain. In this way, the pressure applied transfers stain on your cleaning towel helping you to clean the stains in a better way.

So if you’ve been committing any one of these mistakes, stop right now. You’re doing more harm than good.

In case your carpet is already damaged, why not consider getting in touch with a professional carpet cleaner in Baltimore. They may be able to save your carpet from further damage.

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