Can Carpets Make You Sick?

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How can something as common as a carpet can be a health risk for you and your family? Doesn’t that sound unbelievable? You practically live on your carpets. Your toddler probably spent hours playing on the carpet. Does that mean you have been exposing yourself and your family members to a number diseases every single day?

How can carpets make you sick?

That’s possible through chemical emissions and pollutants. A new carpet can emit harmful organic compounds. Also, the adhesives and padding used for carpet installation can be unsuitable for your health.

A carpet is like a “sink” for some pollutants like dust mites, fungi, bacteria, and pesticides. Of course, through regular carpet cleaning, you can significantly reduce the chances of getting exposed to harmful substances but that’s never guaranteed.

What are the symptoms? If you’re facing many eye, throat, nose and skin irritations, headaches, fatigue or breathing problems, the culprit is probably your dirty carpet. And you, now, know how that happened. But if you wish to find out how to avoid getting sick because of your carpets, keep reading.

Prevention tips

1. Right Selection

If you want to prevent illness because of carpets, you must begin taking precautions right when you purchase one. Ask the seller to recommend you a carpet that is designed to reduce the emission of harmful substances. If the new carpet you’re planning to buy has a peculiar odor, it’s better that you choose some other one.

2. Before Installation

Make sure you ask the carpet seller to unroll the carpet and let it stay in that condition in a clean and airy space for a while before sending it to your house for installation.

3. During installation

Consider leaving your house premises during the installation to avoid direct exposure to disease-causing substances. Make sure the installer is following all the guidelines for carpet installation.

A bit of research would help you in that. Also, a licensed and good carpet installation and carpet cleaning service can always be trusted with this part. So, if you’ve hired a good service, you don’t need to worry about following the guidelines and safe carpet installation.

4. After installation

Try not to roam around the newly installed carpet for at least a day. Open the doors and windows of your house to make sure the strong odor of the newly installed carpet is gone before you start using that space.

Make sure your house has proper ventilation so that you’re secure for extended periods of time. That’s, even more, important during carpet installation.

Also, make sure you go for regular carpet cleaning to remove deposition of harmful micro-organisms on your carpet. Apart from going for professional carpet cleaning, you must regularly vacuum your carpets.

That’s how you can prevent getting sick because of your carpet. We hope you found this informative, and you will be able to ensure the safety of your loved ones with this piece of information.

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Let us know what kind of precautions do you take to remove the illness causing substances in your house? Are you well aware of the health risks you’re facing right in your home?

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