Changes In Carpet Cleaning Trends In Last Two Years

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Carpet cleaning is such a necessary activity, yet you’ll be amazed by the scope of carpet cleaning trends and what can be done with the basic rug you have in your house. Over the past several years, we have been following such developments, both at the consumer level and manufacturing level.

What behavioral changes have happened in consumers or carpet owners? What new technologies carpet manufacturers are bringing out? How are carpet cleaners responding to new trends?

Today’s post will introduce you to the major carpet cleaning trends and how the carpet cleaning industry will change shortly.

Major Carpet Cleaning Trends on Manufacturer’s Level

Let’s begin with what’s going on at the manufacturing level. What are manufacturers focusing on? What new technologies are being worked upon?

  1. LED lights: One of the most useful and required features is LED lights in carpets. Commercial spaces like airports can make a great use of such technology by having directional lights installed in the carpet. Think about how advertising industry will change. Instead of the LED screens hanging on high polls, you’ll see the ad banners right under your feet.
  2. Green carpets: The threat by new carpets is real. Materials used in carpet manufacturing can be harmful. Why do you think the new carpet smells weird for a few initial days? All of this is changing as carpet manufacturers are focusing more on safe and cleaner carpets.

Carpet Cleaning Trends On Consumer Level

1. Preference to certified carpet cleaners: Homeowners have become aware on what signifies the expertise of a carpet cleaner. More and more people are asking for IICRC certified professionals. Even the carpet cleaners have become active in getting into professional courses to upgrade their knowledge and get certified. The fact that, carpet manufacturers these days recommend that only IICRC certified pros clean carpets if the warranty has to be claimed, adding fuel to these kinds of carpet cleaning trends. I guess it’s all for good.

2. The demand of green carpet cleaning: Just like the general public is getting inclined towards environment-friendly carpets, the cleaning industry is also experiencing this change. People are asking for the use of environment-friendly chemicals, and nowadays many carpet cleaning companies call the use of green chemicals a USP. It means the trend is being adopted both by consumers as well as cleaners.

3. Less inclination towards price cutting: During the economic slowdown, many start-ups got into carpet cleaning but shut down pretty quick. The trends by the beginning of 2015 have seen a great change. Carpet cleaners are setting up new businesses, and investing in improving the operations. It’s facilitated by the consumers who are ready to pay a bit more for great and long-lasting results.

4. Changes in color choices: In commercial setups, bright colors are being preferred. Light colors are also a popular choice these days, but the question here is, is it really the right choice? For example, yellow color, it’s being preferred by many, but it’s actually the worst carpet color to have. Bright colors show the soil more whereas dark colors show dust more. The right carpet color should be a medium one, and even neutral ones are being loved since last year. When you think of neutral shades, gray is the color that’s everywhere – on the walls, on the carpets, on the rugs, on the upholstery and what not!

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5. Carpet tiles: Carpet tiles may sound like a great option for the ease of installation and replacement but is it really? Think about how you can easily pull out a section and replace but would it really match the rest of the tiles? Does your carpet look like the way it was when you just bought it? The changes due to soiling, regular cleaning are hard to miss. So, the trend may be rising but we’re still skeptical about its success.

6. Carpet runners for the mainstream: Earlier, carpet runners were used only for high-end properties, but nowadays, carpet runners are really standard.   They’re great piece of furniture to be added to the stairs to enhance safety and reduce the cracking noise.

7. Pet-friendly carpeting: The number of US households that have pets is increasing, and pet accidents on carpets are apparently becoming more frequent. It has given rise to new technologies that bring stain resistance and pet-friendly carpeting. It’s widely accepted by pet owners who are sick of trying to resist stains by restricting their pet’s activities.

8. Focus on indoor air quality: Homeowners have realized the connection between carpeting and indoor air quality. With many people suffering from respiratory diseases, it’s a much-expected event that has given rise to several carpet cleaning trends. These include a preference to natural carpet fabrics like wool and jute, focus on green carpets and regular professional cleaning.

9. Preference to surfaces other than carpet: Hardwood flooring is being loved by people these days, and since last two decades, the general trend of having a carpet as the main flooring surface is decreasing. Carpet cleaners haven’t responded to this trend with much resistance, as they see a bigger opportunity in future. They have introduced changes in the services they offer and are seeing this carpet cleaning trend as a business expansion opportunity.

These are the top 9 carpet cleaning trends at the consumer level. It also presents the picture of what carpet cleaners are up to these days.

What do you think of these carpet cleaning trends? Do they align with your preferences or do you say there’s something seriously wrong with one of these? Comment below with your opinions!

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