How can a clean carpet make you successful?

Carpet Cleaning

The biggest secret about successful people is that they find their inspiration and strength from most unusual things and places. For example, writer, director, and actor Woody Allen claims that he gets his best ideas while showering. Stories of successful people finding inspiration from most unusual things can be easily found on the internet.

But this post isn’t about that. This post isn’t just about finding inspiration. It’s about being able to work on that idea instantly and get good returns. What’s the point of coming up with a brilliant idea if you’re not going to work on it? It’s useless.

I have been pondering over such issues, and suddenly, I realized how a clean carpet can contribute to making you a super successful being. Don’t believe me? Here’s how!

How can a clean carpet transform your life?

1. It helps you stay stress-free at home

Ask yourself! Would you be able to think about any pleasant thing if your house looks like a mess? A large part of your house is covered with a carpet. Would you be able to sit and dive into a creative journey while your eyes keep noticing those wine stains you left on your carpet yesterday? (Remove the stains immediately).

It’s a fact that dirty and unorganized places stress you up. While stress could be caused by some different and totally unrelated issues, a clean, pleasing ambiance tones it down. You feel better and calmer.

One of the biggest reasons why you’re not getting successful is that you’re taking too much stress which is ultimately stopping you from pursuing your goals the way you want and should. Let’s get rid of that stress. A thoroughly clean carpet can help!

2. It keeps you disease-free

Who’s your favorite author? Who’s your favorite entrepreneur? Who’s your role model? Think about what they’ve accomplished in their life. Do you think they would have been able to do that if they were sick every other day? Do you think your favorite entrepreneur could have built a million-dollar business if he was down with cold or flu or skin allergies every week?

That’s what dirty carpets do to you. They make you sick. Carpet fibers accumulate the micro-organisms and dust which lead to problems like allergies, asthma, cold and much more. Even a wet carpet is something you should worry about as it’s even more dangerous than a dirty carpet (due to mold growth).

To be able to chase success, you need to be fit enough to run. You need a clean and healthy atmosphere.

3. They make you more efficient

Imagine you’re stress-free, you’ve got a clear mind, and you’re completely fit to work! Now, when you get to work, you can give your best. Can’t you? No memory block to stop you from working on your goal. No health issue to keep you from fighting the problems that occur in your day to day life.

Life becomes easy when you’re able to be mentally and physically healthy. And that converts into efficiency, not just at work but in every sphere of your life. You’ll be better at everything you do. And guess what made all of it possible – a carpet.

Well, if you did focus on proper carpet cleaning every day, you’ll be probably writing these tips about how a clean carpet can make you successful; not studying about how to get successful.

4. Good impact on others

I work from home. A lot of my clients visit my office, which is actually in my home. It is super important for me to leave a good impression on those potential customers. Therefore, I pay particular attention towards how my house looks. The appearance of your home, the decor, and the organization says a lot about the kind of person you’re. It makes a lot of difference. It can play a vital role in making those clients either accept your proposal or reject it for once and forever.

Wait! Not each one of you operates from home. How is this point valid to you? Consider your meeting room or board room? Why do you think it’s always so organized and clean? Do you see the worn out, dirty carpet over there? Do you see stains all over and dust shining out of carpet fibers? How about you consider the regular Starbucks or any place you do your meetings at? Do you see such signs of dirty carpets there? Why not?

It’s because it matters. How clean your carpet is, matters. Be it in your office, your home or a regular coffee shop, clean carpets are a must.

5. Helps you get new and creative ideas

Do you know how I got the idea of writing this post? While vacuuming my carpet. Carpet cleaning is a job which I pay a lot of attention to, and it always pays off. I get a super clean and fresh carpet, disease-free atmosphere, and I get a lot of blog topics ideas.

It wasn’t a one-time thing. I always get ideas for blog posts or new strategies to get better at what I do while doing carpet cleaning. I have got a theory about this. I think when we clean carpet or do anything related to home cleaning which involves minimal brain activity and lots of repetitive tasks, our mind gets free of that big whirlwind of thoughts. We just focus on the task and our brain gets empty. That’s when the best ideas kick in. They always do.

A lot of people talk about doing meditation if you want to get creative or get new ideas. I think carpet cleaning is no less than meditation. You’re clearing off your mind from random thoughts, and you feel calm while improving your house’s cleanliness. Hence, you open yourself up to lots of new ideas.

I know a lot of you might not agree with all the points mentioned above. But I believe it’s just about the perspective and being open to new ideas and thoughts. Dirty things stress me up; they do the same to you if you ever paid attention to finding the cause of excess stress. Dirty carpet naturally deteriorates your health. Both of these are the biggest factors that affect our efficiency at anything we do – be it a household task or work related task. Visual appearance is critical in making that first impression on the person you meet for the first time. And through my personal experience, I can vouch for the fact that cleaning carpets can help you break that creative block from your mind and be better at anything you do.

Thus, a clean carpet can make you successful, whether you believe it or not. But I dare you to try it once. Get your carpet professionally cleaned first and then follow this post about how to keep your carpet clean and fresh. I am sure you will notice the changes in as less as 15 days.

You might have read a lot of books and expert advice on how to get successful. This information doesn’t come from expertise but practical experience. Whether you believe it or not is entirely up to you.

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