How To Deal With Pet Accidents On Carpets?

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“We bought a brilliant new carpet that looked perfect in our bedroom. The usual ritual of ‘letting our dog sniff the new things’ was over. And we knew it was all safe. Our dog never peed inside, not even when it was a pup. But then it happened. It stood there and peed on it. My husband and I were dumbstruck. We were so shocked and didn’t move at all for minutes. Now, I need to clean that carpet. I don’t know what to do. Can you help?”

That’s a message we received from one of our blog followers. Pet owners have to deal with such situations where they feel clueless. If you think this isn’t going to happen to you, think again! Wouldn’t it be worth spending five minutes to learn what should you do in case it does?

Pet urine

Act quickly. Get to work as soon as this accident happens. Grab some paper towels and use them to soak up the liquid. Then rinse the area with water. You would also need to use a carpet cleaner liquid to treat this. After that, you would need to neutralize the pet odor. It’s important if you don’t want your pet to repeat this.

Use a solution of vinegar and water to neutralize the pet odor. Pour the liquid on the affected area. Leave it there for approximately ten minutes. Then use paper towels to dry that area. Vinegar will kill the ammonia like smell from the urine.

Then put baking powder over the area and leave it there for 15 minutes. Then vacuum it off.

This should clean the carpet and also kill the odor from the pet urine. It’s important that you treat the carpet quickly. If you let the urine dry, you would need an extractor to clean the carpet as the urine will get completely absorbed and set in carpet fibers. In such a case, people have to hire carpet cleaning professionals. You now know what to do to avoid it.

Pet poop

If you see that gross brown thing on your carpet and a guilty dog far away from that area, here’s what to do.

Remove the poop just like you do when you walk your dog. Then head on to prepare a cleaning solution. Mix equal parts of non-bleach detergent powder with water and spray/blot the liquid on the dirty area. Use paper towels to dry this area. Follow the same steps to neutralize the odor as mentioned in the last point.

What to do if stains persist?

If after following all these steps, there are still stains on your carpet, try misting with hydrogen peroxide solution or call up a local carpet cleaning service for stain removal.

Dogs are lovely creatures, and sometimes they make mistakes. Maybe they’re feeling sick, or you forgot to take them out for too long. It’s not their fault. They always try to make their owners happy and they have no idea what a problem pet poop or urine on carpet can be. Don’t be angry with them. We showed you how you could quickly deal with such accidents. Most of it wouldn’t cost anything. Things like vinegar and hydrogen peroxide are ordinary household products.

We hope this helped. Tell us if you’ve faced a different situation which we didn’t cover in this post.

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