How To Make Your Carpet Last Longer?

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Do you want to avoid the carpet replacement costs and still want your carpet to look new? Yes, it is possible to retain the luster and shine of your favorite carpet and make it last for years. Most of the carpets are required to be replaced after seven years but if you follow some simple tips, you can make your carpet last even longer.

Do you want to know how is that possible? How to make your carpet last longer? Let us show you how.


Remember that garage floor, driveway pavement, or mud from your lawn you just walked on?  That is your carpets biggest enemy. Keep that off the carpet as best you can. How do you do that?  Leave your outside shoes at the door and if you wear shoes indoors, keep an “inside only” pair there to put on.


vaccum for professional carpet cleaning

We can’t stress this enough. This is the biggest advantage to keeping your Carpets Cleaner longer.  Think of each grain of dirt as a carpet fiber’s enemy.  By abrasion, they wear and tear the fiber, and leave it more prone to staining that in return makes it harder even for the professional carpet cleaning experts to restore the luster of your carpets.

Also, when you vacuum your carpets, you remove live and dead dust mites, and also their source of nourishment – dead skin. This also makes your house a healthier place.

Use a high-quality vacuum with an HEPA air filter to prevent dust from running through the vacuum and back into your home and air ducts.


same day carpet cleaning

You accidentally spilled a can of coke on your carpet, but you decided to wait for a few days to clean those stains. That’s folly. It is important that you treat the carpet stains as quickly as possible. We would suggest to get rid of them just when you get them.

If you fail to do so, that stain might get permanent or require stringent stain removal procedures that might affect your carpet’s longevity. Moreover, a stained carpet doesn’t give an impression of a new carpet. Does it?


Professional Carpet Cleaning is critical and recommended at least once a year. You wash your laundry after every use, and you don’t even walk all over it! If you are reading this article and your thinking about Professional Carpet Cleaning, you should probably have it done sooner rather than later.

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