Revealed: 4 Must Know Carpet Cleaning Secrets

Carpet Cleaning Experts

Do you know it is highly likely that your carpet is the dirtiest thing in your house? Do you analyze your carpet by stains it gets over a period? Apart from stains, a carpet can catch lots of bacteria and dust which can not only make it look shabby but can also pose a health risk to your family members.

Therefore, it is of utmost importance to clean your carpet on the regular basis. But do you know that maximum people do that wrong? Carpet Cleaning requires a particular set of knowledge and expertise. That’s why we compiled tips from the services pros working in the cleaning industry for years. Here are the carpet cleaning secrets from pros.

1. Clean Regularly: Prevention is better than cure. If you clean your carpet regularly, there would be less need to go to a full-fledged cleaning task. It is a health friendly and economical option. Use a vacuum cleaner on your carpet regularly so as to remove the dust from the strands as soon as possible.

2. The first thing to do when your carpet gets stained: Stains are inevitable. And they can be caused by the kids, pets or even you. Haven’t you ever dropped a can of coke on the floor? It can happen, and you must know how to deal with such unlucky moments.

The first thing you should do is to pay immediate attention to the stain. Don’t let it get dry before you start acting on the stain. Also, do not rub the stain for it may make it go deeper into the carpet strands and thus make it tough to get rid of the stains.

Instead, blot the stains using a cleaning solution and a clean cloth or a towel. Blotting helps to soak up the stain and thus make it easier to remove it.

3. How to treat different kinds of stains?: Not all the stains would come off with one kind of cleaning solution. Here is a list you can refer to when you’re in need of stain removal (don’t forget to check out our quick guide to deal with carpet stains).

  • For wine & beer stains: Use vinegar and soda
  • For grease stains: Use dishwasher liquid
  • For blood stains: Use a mixture of water and detergent. If it doesn’t work, use hydrogen peroxide.
  • For pet stains: Use organic cleaners
  • For other types of stains: Use shaving cream
  • For dried gum: Let the glue dry and remove it off using an ice cube
  • For candle wax: Place a cloth over the wax and iron it. Then scrape of the melted wax with a butter knife.
  • For candy stuck on the carpet: Scrape off the candy with the butter knife and then clean the area with detergent and water.

4. Go for steam cleaning: This is the carpet cleaning secret that can help you keep your carpet like new forever. Steam cleaning is one of the most efficient ways to clean a carpet. Although you can do this task by yourself we would recommend you to hire a carpet cleaning expert for this type of cleaning method can damage your carpet if not done correctly.

These are the carpet cleaning secrets we churned out from the best service professionals in the country. If you’re still unsure of what to do with your dirty and stained carpet, consider calling an experienced serviceman.

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We hope these secret tips were helpful to you. Do let us know if they were in the comments down below.

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