Top 6 Foes of Carpet Owners In Summer

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It’s genuinely tough to understand how can people like Summers? There’s so much that can and will go wrong on a hot day. Summer brings no good news for the homeowners. In fact, there’s a lot of work and precautions that you need to practice.

When we talk about carpets, the list is pretty long. But then, if you’re equipped with right kind of information, which you would be if you’re reading this blog, you need not worry. In this post, you’ll find out the most common problems you’re likely to suffer when it comes to carpets or carpet cleaning in summer. To make this post actually helpful, I have also suggested some solutions.

What is the most common carpet related problems in summer?

1. Allergens

If you’re someone who is unluckily suffering from some allergy or infection, you would already be aware of this health risk posed by a carpet. In my previous post ‘can carpets make you sick?’ I discuss how carpets can cause a significant health concern to someone in your family.

In summer, these allergens get more active. The pollen is specifically active in summer and can settle down in the microfibers of your carpet. These may not always show immediate ill effects. People usually face more health issues due to these pollens and allergens; that enter their house in summer after the season ends.

To avoid problems from these allergens, it’s important that you go for thorough professional carpet cleaning at least twice a year. Vacuum your carpet regularly to prevent the allergens from settling down in your carpet.

2. Odor

Heat and humidity often aggravate the situation of bad odors in a home. If you have a pet, this situation will get amplified. Do you know that those air fresheners you use inside your home also add up to harmful particles in the air? They’re chemicals and minute particles that stay suspended in air to make your house smell good. But at the same time, these add up to the indoor air pollution.

The best way to avoid bad odors from a carpet is to get it deep cleaned before and after summer. Do not let your pets walk on the carpet with wet paws. Trust me! This is the primary reason why you get that unbearable pet odor from your carpet.

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3. General stains

Summer comes up with lots of stain problems. Grass stains, soda stains, chocolate stains and what not. Okay, I agree! Not all stains are summer specific, but stain problem is real. In my post on DIY carpet cleaning solutions and spot removal guide, I show you some ways to deal with carpet stains. In that post, you’ll find out about almost all the common carpet stains and how to get rid of them or treat them quickly.

4. Grass stains and crayon stains

Grass stains are what you would miss there. So, here’s how to remove grass stains.

Blot the stained area with a detergent solution and rinse. Then do the same with ammonia solution and then with vinegar. Dab the area with a towel until it completely dries out.

The thing with stains is you have to be very quick and gentle with them. If you let the stain stay even for a couple of minutes, it’s very likely that it’ll stay forever or until you hire a stain removal company.

If you’re dealing with crayon stains, you would need a hot iron. First, gently scratch the crayon and remove it from the carpet. Then put a cloth over the stain and run a hot iron over it. This should melt the wax. Use a detergent solution to clean that area.

5. Carelessness

We’re talking about the biggest enemies of people who love their carpet. And carelessness is a personality trait that is most likely to affect each one of us. Are you careful about not spilling the drinks on the carpet while you chill out with your friends? Are you careful about treating the stains quickly? Are you careful about letting your pets or kids access the carpet freely? Are you careful about regular carpet cleaning?  Are you careful about how clean your carpet is?

All these things matter. If you aren’t careful, you will suffer. A spilled can of Coke or wet paws or sauces… anything that you wouldn’t expect to happen to your carpet will happen when you’re extremely careless.

6. Ineffective carpet cleaners

People usually go for professional carpet cleaning during early or late summer. But if the pro does a sub-standard work, it will give a tough time to the homeowner. The biggest nightmare is if the carpet cleaner doesn’t take appropriate steps to dry out the carpet properly. In not more than two days, there will be mold and spores that will make your house smell bad, show up on the carpet in a while and cause you significant health related troubles. Many other things can go wrong if the professional doesn’t do his job correctly. That’s why it’s important to hire a good carpet cleaning company.

These are the biggest enemies of a person who loves his carpet or just has a carpet and wants to ensure a healthy atmosphere in his house. What’s your biggest enemy when it comes to carpets?

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