What are the best ways to dry a carpet?

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Are you looking for some efficient and quick ways to dry a carpet? You’re at the right place. In this post, we have listed the best ways to dry a carpet. In case, you have a small rug or carpet that can be easily carried out, we recommend you to take it out and let it dry in open (Make sure the weather is dry).

What if you have wall-to-wall carpets? Here are some ways to dry such carpets! Make sure you remove all the furniture before doing this. Keeping the furniture on wet carpet can damage both the carpet and furniture.

1. Use a towel

Get a towel and press it on the damp area. Keep it there so that it soaks up the water from the carpet. Once the towel is wet, wring it and reuse it or get dry towels and repeat the process until the carpet is dry.

2. Use a wet vacuum cleaner

Another easy and efficient way to dry a carpet is to use a vacuum cleaner. Mind you! We’re not talking about the regular vacuum cleaner in your home that is fit for dry cleaning only. We’re talking about a wet vacuum cleaner that will work on wet carpets.

Use the vacuum cleaner to dry off the carpet. Make sure you don’t let the vacuum tank overfill. Also, this way might not work if the padding of the carpet is wet too.

3. Facilitate evaporation

This method works best if used with other ways to dry a carpet. Use dehumidifiers, fans and dryers to fasten the evaporation process. This will quicken the process of drying a carpet.

4. Rent a hot water extraction unit

Some carpet cleaning companies provide equipment for rent. Check with your local carpet cleaning company if they provide this facility. Such a unit can quickly suck out water from carpets.

5. Hire the same day carpet cleaning company

Remember that all the ways to dry a carpet are useful but require a lot of efforts and patience. If you think you can’t spend hours on drying a carpet or have a very large carpet, you must consider hiring a professional service for this purpose. They will not only wrap up the work quickly but also ensure that your carpet doesn’t get damaged in the process.

This is how you can dry a carpet. Which way would work the best for you? It depends on the situation you’re in. If you have a very large carpet, seriously consider hiring a professional. If the carpet is of medium-sized and slightly wet, use the towel method. If it is almost drenched, rent a hot water extraction unit. If it is drenched, call for help. For small rugs, just take them out and let them dry in the open. Use dehumidifiers, air movers, ceiling fans and dryers to facilitate the entire process.

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