What to Expect From a Carpet Cleaning Service?

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Even after regular vacuuming, your carpets can store dust, bacteria and allergens. For thorough carpet cleaning, you must hire a carpet cleaning service. The frequency of hiring such professional services differs with the person to person.

It depends on the footfall on your carpet. It depends on how well you maintain your house and fight with dust. If you have kids or pets, you would require professional carpet cleaning more often than others. Same is the case when you live in a remote area with plenty of dust around. The average frequency suggested by the experts is twice a year.

What if you’re hiring such a service for the first time? Are you nervous about what to expect from a carpet cleaning service? Here’s a list that can help!

1. Analysis of the job to prepare an estimate: Once you call up a carpet cleaning company, they will send their representative to your place to create an estimate for the job. Never hire a company that provides you an on-the-phone estimate. They will measure the carpet dimensions, analyze the stains (if present) and then give you an approximate cost they’ll charge.

2. Extra charges for removing furniture: Don’t expect the company personnel to remove the furniture. If they do, they will certainly charge you extra for furniture removal. It’s better that you keep all the furniture in a safe place before the carpet cleaning service arrives at your doorstep.

3. Dry vacuuming: The service would begin with dry vacuuming your carpet. It is an essential part of carpet cleaning, and you should ensure that they don’t miss the step.

4. Use of eco-friendly products: Most of the companies will. Some firms that offer cheap services don’t. Which one should you prefer? First one, for it’s safe for you, your pets and your family.

5. Mold and Stain Removal: Once the dry vacuuming is done, the professionals will start working at removing the mold and stains, if any. Expect them to clear off all kinds of stains – be it from food, drinks or your pets.  The charges are often included separately in the estimate. Read the estimate carefully to avoid overcharging.

6. Removal of wrinkles and furniture marks: Then the professionals will work on the wrinkles and furniture marks that might have gripped your carpets. Once the work is complete, they will use their preferred cleaning method to clean the carpet fibers thoroughly.

7. Odor free and stain free carpets: Once they’re done with their work, it’s your responsibility to cross check. Expect your carpet to be completely odor free. If it’s not, you must ask them for proper service. Same goes with the stains.

8. Guarantee: Almost all the right companies provide the satisfaction guarantee. Carpet cleaning, especially stain removal, is tricky. During some instances, stains come back within 4-5 days. Only in the event of a satisfaction guarantee, you can ask for service or refund.

9. 24-hour services: Not all companies provide this. But if you’re a working person and don’t want to leave the cleaners in the house while you’re off to work, prefer hiring companies that provide 24-hour services.

These are the things you can expect from a local carpet cleaning service. Don’t be reluctant anymore. Just go on and hire. Dirty carpets can make you sick. Better get them cleaned!

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