What Nobody Will Tell You About Carpet Cleaning Services?

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It’s obvious why you would need carpet cleaning services. Isn’t it? Your carpets are dirty and ideally, you should hire somebody to restore your carpet. But how many times do you do that? Even when we know we need it, we refrain from hiring someone just to save our money. We don’t want to spend on the activity, probably because we cannot find the ‘why’ that would push us to make that call.

But if you have found your ‘why’ and are looking for some less-shared details about such an activity, you just found the best place on the internet with all the information right on this page.

The process

Carpet cleaning is a process in which you use high-end equipment and chemicals to bring out and remove the deep-settled harmful components from the object. The vacuuming you do every day or once a week doesn’t equal to cleaning carpets. That’s your moment of realization! Take a pause, let it sink in and then continue reading.

Average cost

How many times do you think you need to spend on the activity? Think of a number in your head! It should be ‘once a year.’ Yes, that’s how many times you need to do it. You need to hire a service and pay to it just once. I am going to list down the details of the cost you can expect to pay.

The average cost varies according to where you live. If you live in Northeast or Western U.S., you should expect to pay a bit more than other fellows of your country. On an average, expect to spend $100 for it. $100 a year, does that sound really expensive? I don’t think so. The cost may vary between $100-$300 depending on how good you’re with housekeeping.

How to calculate the basic costs?

The basic cost of the activity is put together by the number of rooms to be cleaned. The more rooms you have, the lower you will have to pay. It’s because service professionals offer discounts and package deals for larger areas. Money Saving Tip #1 Get a bigger area cleaned at once.

Spot treatment and Stain Removal

Most of the carpet cleaning services do basic stain removal during the cleaning process. But if you have specific stains like those of wine, soot, pet urine, de-icing salt or food items, you will need to pay a bit extra. Such services are optional, and you need them only if you truly have tough stains or spots on your carpet that are an eyesore.

Cost of moving the furniture

Mostly, companies charge extra for furniture removal. You can either choose not to remove it at all (highly not recommended for the areas that you skip will become of a different color than rest of the carpet over time) or discuss the cost beforehand. There are package deals where they provide the service at no additional charge. Look for it!

Additional charges

These may include tasks like doing the steps. Inquire about them beforehand and also how you will be charged for them.

Other additional charges may include fees and surcharges. There may be additional fee like chemical fee, fuel surcharge, and destination fee that may incur on such a project. I suggest you inquire about these beforehand so that you know whether you’re sticking to your budget to not.


I already gave you a tip to get discounts – go for a larger area instead of getting every room cleaned one by one. Another tip is to hire multiple services. Carpet cleaning services often offer services like upholstery cleaning, furniture cleaning and so on. Check if you need any of those as well and get all of them done in one go. You will save more money that way.

So, your total cost will be equal to the basic cost + cost of spot treatment and stain removal + cost of moving furniture + additional charges – Discounts.

Top Carpet Cleaning Methods

There are four major types of cleaning methods:

  1. Steam Cleaning: Popularly known as hot water extraction, it is the most popular way that’s also claimed as the most efficient one by many. It combines the power of a high-pressure jet of hot water and quality chemicals. The combination brings the dirt to the surface and kills the bacteria. The surface is then cleared off with a high-powered vacuum.
  2. Dry carpet cleaning: It’s a moisture-free method that involves special machines and chemicals. The drying time with this approach is as less as 2-3 hours.
  3. Bonnet cleaning: It’s regularly used for loop pile carpets and is a moisture-free three-step cleaning method.
  4. Carpet shampooing: It involves using a specialized shampoo/detergent for cleaning.

Tips to prepare for carpet cleaning

  1. Pre-vacuum the area before the company arrives.
  2. Remove the knickknacks and floor decorations.
  3. Keep the pets away.
  4. Pick up all the clutter and debris from the floor.
  5. Remove the furniture that you can.
  6. Prepare yourself to stay away from the carpet for many hours.

Tips to select the best carpet cleaning services

1. Ask for the license: A licensed professional is required because he can do the task in a safer, more reliable, error-free and efficient way. So, check for the state and local licenses.
2.  Verify the insurance: You may need to pay extra if some accident happens while the professional is at work on your property. Don’t want to pay extra? Ask for the liability insurance and workman’s compensation proof before handing out your property to a professional.
3. Is the business stable?– Irresistible discounts often come from new companies that may not have a good flow of customers. It’s because either they’re new, or they lack in their services. Why would you want to risk your hard-earned money to give business to such a company? Rather, go for the ones that have been in business for a long time.
4. Read online reviews and ask for references: Check the reviews for they’ll help you understand what to expect from the company. For references, you can directly request the contractor to give some contacts.
5. Emergency services availability: You must know that the longer you let a stain sit on your carpet, the tougher it becomes to remove it. To avoid the possibility of a permanent stain, you’ll need emergency services. Ask if the contractor provides them.
6. Get a written estimate: You will mostly get a free estimate from any service. Ask for it, and they’ll give you an estimate that you can use to plan your budget. After that, you should also for full written estimate just before they start working on your property.
7. Do they provide satisfaction guarantee? – Lastly, see if the business offers a satisfaction guarantee. It would prevent you from paying extra in case the service professionals fail to do their task perfectly.

That’s everything which nobody will tell you about carpet cleaning services. I hope it was helpful to you and I would honestly recommend you to check our platform Same Day Pros for locating the service pros you want to hire. We give you an unbiased view of what professionals are available near you. That’s only what you need. Try it!

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