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How To Repair Bumps, Wrinkles, And Ripples In Your Carpet

Carpet Stretching

Are you bothered by a wall to wall carpet with unsightly and dangerous bumps, wrinkles, or ripples? Carpets seem to have a life of their own. One day they are fresh and new and then a year later they have seem loose and lifeless. What happened? Is that normal in the life of your carpet?

Reasons Carpet Can Become Loose And develop Ripples:

Poor Installation – Correct carpet installation involves power stretching of a carpet, pulling it drum-tight from wall to wall. Samedaypros recommends a local carpet stretching company that uses a power stretcher to do this. Most carpet installers rely solely on knee kickers. But knee kickers alone are not designed to stretch the carpet, only to set the carpet on the tack strip. So the carpet appears to be well-stretched. But as you walk across it, play on it, move furniture around and otherwise LIVE on it, your once beautiful carpet quickly gets rippled and looks loose. Find Same Day Carpet Stretching Today at

Tack-strips can occasionally come loose, which is the second reason carpet can loosen and ripple. Make sure your same day pros carpet stretching company re-set the tack strips when they re-stretch the carpet.

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