Commercial Refrigeration

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One item that should always be in your company’s preventative maintenance list is commercial refrigeration maintenance plans. Many business owners fail to acknowledge the fact that just because these devices are operational, does not mean they can be left unattended for long periods. Refrigeration is very important asset for a wide array of businesses ranging from convenience stores to restaurants to supermarkets yet are too often neglected until something goes wrong.

Unintended Costs of Neglected Commercial Refrigeration

Lost Merchandise
Costs of discarding all items in a broken food display case, walk-in freezer or beverage chiller

Lost Revenue
If your commercial refrigerations units are down for multiple days, which can easily happen if it needs a part or replaced. How much revenue will you lose in those days?

Health Inspections 
Imagine the disaster if the health inspector shows up and your refrigeration equipment is not up to par. Now you have code violations, which will be visible to everyone on the front of your business and on the internet.

Energy Costs
Neglected commercial refrigeration equipment has to labor harder to stay at set temperature resulting in much higher costs of running the equipment

Expensive Repairs Or Replacements.
When the unit breaks down, it will be more expensive to find replacement parts to repair it. If the unit has been severely neglected it may need to be replaced.

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