Demystifying Home Air Conditioners

Air Conditioning Repair Near You

Air-conditioners might seem to be a box but there is more to it. To understand the working of your air-conditioners and the problems faced in their improper functioning, we are here to demystify your air conditioners.This will aid you to understand the mechanism appropriately.

Following points will help you to understand if your Air conditioner needs a repair or replacement:

The age of your system: If your system is less than 12 years then you can go for service; otherwise you will have to replace it.

The reason for replacement: They are less efficient and have higher repair costs.

Also, some old systems employ Freon refrigerant which is phased out and is expensive too.

Extension problems: If you face problems, like electrical, clogged drain line or loose/broken duct work then your problems can be solved.

The reason for replacement: If you have problems with your compressors, condenser coils or blower motor, sorry to say but you have to replace.

The number of repairs employed: The frequency of repair defines if your system needs a repair or replacement.

If the systems had 2-3 repairs in last 10 years, then you can fix your problem.

The reason for replacement: But, if your system had more than 3 major repairs then it surely needs a replacement.

The air conditioning systems can be restored at homes with proper care and only if the problem isn’t serious. You can try solving the problem from your end, and if you find that the problem that you are stuck in is not possible for you to solve, you can always hire professionals near you.

Follow these steps while you repair your systems:

Switch off the electricity supply- This action might seem to be the one to be told, but some people fail to notice their power supplies.

Whenever you work with any electrical parameters, you have to check with the power supply. Sometimes it can be fatal and lead to some accidents.

Rinse the condenser fan from the dust and dirt particles: Clean your condenser fan, because your condenser fans will accumulate most of the dirt and dust.

These factors can lead to damage to your AC systems.

Lubricates are necessary for your motor: Lubricates strike a vital role in the performance of your device, the higher the lubrication, the higher will be the performance.

For oiling, remove the cover grill, detach the set screw holding the fan. You get access to the parts once you remove the fan.

It is always preferable to use the oils specified by the manufacturer to avoid damages.

Clean the condenser coils, followed by recycling refrigerant: Clean the condenser unit with the garden hose, remove the coil guard to spray in the interior of the assembly.

When doing recycling of the refrigerants, you have to be careful as no harmful gases should leak during the process.

It is advisable to hire a professional for this part of cleaning procedure to avoid any chances of mistakes as it is sensitive.

Check the filters: Cleaning the filter is easy, if it is in a good state then you can repair it otherwise you have to replace it. To improve the life of your air filter, you can clean it twice in a month.

For doing so, remove the casing over the filter, take out the filter clean it with soap and water and then with a cloth. If you want you can even clean it simply with a cloth alone. When you reattach it, look if it is dry completely only then you can re-mount it.

Advice: After two-three weeks check the working of various parts of your AC systems, make it a point to check its various connections. Verify if they are in place, regularly check the HVAC side for your performance progress.

All these factors will help you to understand the requirements of your systems, helping you to work on the lagging element if any.

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