12 Benefits of Hiring A Licensed Electrician

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What do you when you have an electrical emergency in your home or office? You might look for same day electricians in your area, read the reviews and call them. You might negotiate with them and ask for references. But answer one question truthfully – do you check their license before hiring?

If not, we would like to know the reason. Why do you think it isn’t important to look for a licensed electrician? Why is this typical query the least often asked question to electricians? Why is that you don’t understand the importance of this?

Our guess is that you don’t know the benefits of hiring a licensed electrician. If you had known them, you would have never hired someone without asking for a license. That’s why we are going to list some benefits of hiring a licensed technician for all the electrical jobs that require professional assistance.

Benefits of Hiring A Licensed Electrician 

1. Liability when things go wrong

Who would be responsible for the medical bills if the technician gets injured on the job? Who will bear the repair costs if the task causes damage to your property?

We’re sure that you don’t want to be the one paying for this unexpected extra expenditure. And there’s only one way to ensure that you’re not liable for compensation of such damages. It is to hire a licensed electrician.

2. Licensed Technicians know the current technologies and security codes

Approved servicemen are required to take up regular classes to keep themselves up-to-date with current technologies. They know the current safety issues in the market and how to deal with them. They are bound to follow the safety guidelines set up by the government. You cannot expect a different electrician to be adept at this task.

3. Licensed Electricians follow safety codes 

They don’t do it by force. They do it by habit. Licensed technicians follow safety regulations as if that’s the only way to work on electrical jobs in domestic and commercial areas. This ensures your safety and ignites a sense of well-being around your home or office.

4. Highly required in case, you plan to sell your property in future

Let’s say you’re building a new house, and there’s an apparently huge difference between the cost charged by a licensed electrician to a wrong one. The latter one can also assure you of brilliant wiring task and by some means, he can even succeed in doing that.

But what about the future? Do you know that wiring your home requires a permit? And only a licensed technician can acquire that. When you sell your house, you need to mention whether you have a permit or not in the real estate disclosure. Not having the permit staggers down the value of your property.

Now, calculate. Did you manage to save even a penny? Or did you just end up being robbed of a significant sum of money just because you didn’t ask for a simple piece of a document – a license?

5. Get it right the first time

Do you think you don’t need that license tag to fix something as small as a fuse? Think again!

A blown out fuse is the result of a fault in some electrical equipment. Only a licensed serviceman would be able to detect the cause of the blown out fuse and fix it to stop a recurring issue.

He would know what the problem was and would be able to fix it permanently.

6. Vast knowledge and experience

To acquire a state license for offering electrical services, one has to go through a rigorous series of training, tests and inspections.

That means an electrician who holds a license is a highly trained and old fellow. A license is a proof of their expertise. You won’t need to depend upon anyone’s words to find out if a professional is hireworthy or not.

7. Surety Bond

Licensed folks are required to place a surety bond. What does this do for you? It ensures that you’re paid a predetermined sum of money in case the technician fails to complete the assigned job.

It’s the win-win situation. Either you get a job perfectly done, or you get proper compensation for the inconvenience caused to you. Don’t even imagine that this is possible with some local person who knows how to fix some electrical issues. You need a real professional for enjoying such kind of services.

8. Access to proper tools and equipment

Let’s be real here. Most of the time we try to fix the minor electrical issues by ourselves. We tend to call for help only when the problem is too big to be handled by us.

Such issues require specialized equipment and expertise. A licensed professional has access to the top-quality tools one might require fixing an electrical fault. This decreases the possibility of damage and also reduces the time was taken to fasten the issues.

9. A licensed electrician is accountable to you

We think it is quite clear to you by now that a person who holds a license always has necessary permits to work, bonding and insurance documents in place.

Having a permit signifies that the professional has gone through inspection that found his work at par.

A proper bond and insurance proof is there to protect you from unsafe business practices. You can stop worrying about being cheated and overcharged.

10. Save power and money

 A skilled professional can recommend you with the most energy efficient material. This would ensure maximum comfort at a minimal price.

11. Enhance home security

As they work while following the safety practices and guidelines, they reduce the risk of accidental damage to your property. They can also suggest you about how to keep your property safe and secure.

12. Quality of service

Most of the licensed electricians offer guaranteed services. They don’t plan to run away after creating a bigger fault in your system. They always try to help you with best in market services.

After listing all these benefits of hiring a licensed electrician, we don’t think you would ever plan to hire someone without asking for a license. Would you?

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  1. It’s good that you point out that professional electricians have the skills and knowledge necessary to properly solve electrical problems in your home. I need to have my living room wired, so I’m considering hiring an electrician to do it for me. I’m going to look for a good electrician in my area to hire.

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