5 Must-Do Things During An Electrical Inspection

Electrical Inspection

Electrical issues in homes often stay ignored, until a major electrical accident occurs. Maybe it’s the frequent circuit tripping or a minor electrical fire, whatever brought your attention towards your house’s electrical safety, was a good cause. Getting an electrical inspection can save you from serious electrical troubles in future.


Now that you’ve decided to call up an electrician for electrical inspection, you should know of some critical things that should not be ignored during the review. Through this article, we intend to inform you of such things.


1. Ask if your home’s electrical fitting is in compliance with electrical codes


Do you know that you can get into serious legal trouble if your house’s electrical fittings aren’t in compliance with the building codes and regulations? You can even lose your claim on your home insurance due to this. If you’re living in an apartment that you recently bought, you need to pay immediate attention to this.


2. Is the electrical fitting safe?


As a general rule, the electrical circuits and panels must be insulated to avoid electrical shocks. They should also not be placed near the source of water or where the circuits can get damp. Ask the electrical inspector to check the fitting inside your home for safety.


3. Do you have the right circuits for appliances with large electricity consumption rate?


Appliances like washing machines and air conditioners consume high voltage and require circuits that are capable enough to bear the load. If they fail to do so, it can result in voltage fluctuations, and even damage your electrical appliances. The electrician must ensure that the circuits that are being used for such devices are suitable for the use.


4. Check if all panels are working correctly


Once the electrical inspector has done his job, it’s your responsibility to analyze every circuit carefully to see if it’s functioning properly. Ensure that all the required repair work has been done.


5. Ask for the report


After the job is finished, the electrical inspector must provide you with a detailed report on what was checked and what repairs were made during the inspection.


These are the things which you must do or keep in mind while getting an electrical inspection done.  While a lot of you might think it’s not that important, but imagine that you deal with electricity all the time, and one faulty circuit is enough to burn down your entire house or cause a significant electrical shock! We believe it is sufficient to make you feel the importance of this.


If you haven’t had an electrical inspection in a long time, we recommend you call up a professional electrician and inquire if they can provide you this service. Same Day Pros is an excellent place to find an electrician (we don’t want to indulge in self-praise but still) in your locality. In fact, you can find on-demand services for more than 100 categories. Give it a try and don’t forget to tell us if this post made sense and was useful to you.

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