Will Your DIY Electrical Projects Cost you Big?

Electricians Near You

Everything is powered by electricity – literally and quite figuratively!

Right from homes to office spaces, industrial buildings to government offices, schools to colleges, hospitals to multiplexes, railways to airports, basically everything tiny to gigantic runs on electricity.

A huge round of applause to the electricians near you for performing their tasks so well that it has become impossible to imagine even nano-seconds without them.

Before going any further, let’s look at what certified electricians actually do.

You’ll probably call an electrician near you when you need to fix some lighting fixtures or the fuse. This is only a part of what electricians do.

You may not realize it, but their role is vital, intricate as well as risky.

Electricians perform the following duties.

  • They specialize in electrical wiring of buildings, stationary machines, and related equipment.
  • They are also employed in the installation of new electrical components or the maintenance and repair of existing electrical infrastructure.
  • Typical areas of work in both include general power and lighting, installation of safety switches and circuit breakers and setting up surveillance systems like CCTV cameras and audio-visual safety equipment.

The residential work may revolve around installing home automation networks and carrying out energy audits.

The electrical work on a commercial and industrial landscape is on a larger scale. Expert electricians estimate the total load that has to be applied for while founding a business.

This involves taking into account future expansion and enhanced power needs.

From the above, you can see what electricians do is complex and potentially dangerous.

The statistics compiled by The Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI) reveal the following.

  • Home electrical fires account for an estimated 51,000 fires each year, nearly 500 deaths, more than 1,400 injuries, and $1.3 billion in property damage.
  • Electrical distribution systems are the third leading cause of home structure fires.
  • Each year in the United States, arcing faults are responsible for starting more than 28,000 home fires, killing and injuring hundreds of people, and causing over $700 million in property damage.
  • The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) reports that electrical receptacles are involved in 5,300 fires every year, causing 40 deaths and more than 100 consumer injuries.
  • 65 % home fire deaths result from fires in homes with no working smoke detectors.

These catastrophes are ugly outputs of when you try DIY electrical projects and appliances.

The web is full of useful articles and tutorials on DIY, and almost everything looks doable. Plus saving money is always an alluring option, but it can cost you big instantly or in the long run.

Do you know that even inserting a wrong wire can lead to irreversible disasters? Any false application can put you and your family’s life at stake.

The need to entrust any minor or major work to an electrician cannot be emphasized.

That is why when dealing with electrical appliances, you need to always rely on an expert, a licensed and certified electrician.

Here are 4 major reasons why this is advisable.

  1. Changing bulbs and fuses may be simple, but dealing with anything more complicated is not. A primary reason for hiring a licensed electrician is their knowledge and extensive training which makes them equipped enough to tackle any electrical element.
  2. Their knowledge is one advantage, their latest tools and equipment, another and, even more extensive.
  3. Certified electricians can spot hard to find issues, know what they have to do and you can always count on their judgment. They can also detect potential danger in your wiring or elsewhere.
  4. They can help you save money and from self-inflicted disasters.

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