Fall Home Maintenance Checklist: Tasks to Complete Before Winter

feature home maintenance checklist

As we marvel at the beautiful, vibrant colors of fall and enjoy the weather as temperatures become pleasantly cool, one thing is for sure, winter is on its way. Whether you like it or not, the coldest months will eventually come, so you want to make sure that your home is ready for the frigid days ahead.

Especially if you live in an area that receives a good amount of snow, preparing ahead is necessary to make sure that you don’t encounter any issues with your home in the middle of below-freezing weather. And even if you don’t have winter in your state, it’s a good practice to have annual home maintenance check to make sure your house is in tip-top shape.

Use our Fall Home Maintenance checklist as a guide to keeping your home in prime condition even as the seasons change. If some of these tasks are beyond your “handyperson” skill level, you can always hire professional help from same-day contractors near you.

Home Maintenance Tasks To-do This Fall

In many states, fall is the perfect time to take on major home maintenance projects because the weather is dry and the cooler air makes it comfortable for work. In addition, the moderate conditions in this season also make it suitable for building materials. So, if you are planning to make some major changes or carry out an extensive inspection inside and outside your home, now is the time to do so.

fall maintenance checklist

Outside the House

Clean gutters and downspouts

You want to make sure that your gutters are free of dirt and debris before the temperatures dip. If you don’t do this, the buildup could freeze and weigh heavily on your gutters causing the gutters to sag or pull away from your house. Make sure to cross off this task (or hire professional gutter cleaners) if you don’t want to end up with an expensive gutter repair or get a leaky roof when the snow melts.

Repaint home’s exterior

Does your home have loose, peeling paint? If you’re planning to fix it, this is a good time to repaint the exterior of your home. More than giving your property a facelift, exterior paint done properly will add a layer of protection for your home from the elements, keeping it safe even from water damage.

Caulk windows

Another task that is ideal to do in the dry weather of autumn is caulking. Inspect the wood trim around your windows and doors and apply caulk to fill in the holes. Caulking will help prevent snow from seeping and warm air from the inside of your home to leak out.

Roof inspection

To make sure you won’t run into issues and extend the life of your roof, it’s ideal to have a roof inspection at least twice a year. And it would be a good idea to do this before winter. Look for any signs of damage (shingles are curling or buckling) and have them replaced. If you have any leaks or gaps, make sure to have these fixed before heavy snow comes.

Protect your pipes

Disconnect the water hose outside your home and make sure to shut off the supply to all outdoor faucets from the main valve to prevent your pipes from freezing and possibly bursting. You also want to make sure that your pipes are insulated to prevent them from freezing and also earn savings on energy costs.

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Lawn care

Did you know that lawn care is critical in fall so that you can have beautiful grass come spring? From sowing cool-season grasses, aerating, raking, or mulching, this is the season to give your lawn the TLC it needs (with the help of professional lawn care services) so that it’s prepared for winter.

Store lawn mower

When you’re done with mowing your lawn for the season, you want to ensure that you store your mower properly. Add a fuel stabilizer to your mower tank and gasoline tank to keep the gas in good condition over the winter months. Also, don’t forget to clean out any grass or gunk that may have built up in the mower deck.

System/Appliance Maintenance

Electrical Inspection

As the temperatures drop and the nights become longer, the last thing you want is to experience an electrical issue. Before winter comes in, make it a point to check your electrical system, which includes your circuit panel, all outlets around the house, GFCI, etc.

If you live in an older home or haven’t had an electrical inspection done professionally in a while, it might be a good idea to get one soon.

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HVAC tune-up

Another must-do in the fall is to have your heating system professionally checked and serviced. Have a technician check your HVAC to reduce the chances of having a broken heater in the middle of winter. Doing this will also make your system run more efficiently, saving you on your energy costs.

Check carbon monoxide detectors

Did you know that each year, 50,000 people in the U.S. visit the emergency room due to CO poisoning? If you use your fireplace in winter, you want to make sure that your carbon monoxide detectors are working well to protect yourself and your family. Carry out an inspection and put in fresh batteries. While you’re at it, also include your smoke alarms and change their batteries as well.

Schedule a chimney cleaning

Has it been a while since you had a chimney sweep? Make sure that you schedule a visit from a local chimney sweeping company so that there are no blockages that can cause a buildup of dangerous fumes in your home.

Test sump pump

If you have a sump pump, also include in your to-do list of testing this device as it may have been just sitting on standby in your basement. Check for any dirt and debris from the exit pipe and remove any clogs if there are any. You want to make sure that your sump pump is working well so you won’t end up with a flooded basement.

So there you go! These tasks may seem a bit overwhelming to take on, but doing these will ensure that you will have a warm, cozy, and stress-free winter. Besides, you can always hire a pro to help you complete some of these items.

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