Why is Electrical Inspection Essential Before Buying a Home?

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It is the responsibility of a buyer to check for any minor defects when buying a home in Baltimore. Usually, this inspection is done by a professional home inspector.

It is surprising though that not many people consider a pre-purchase inspection.

You need to make sure that your home meets the requirements stated in the National Electrical Code. You need to make sure that the electrical circuit is enough for your entire home and also there’s an option to increase the load when needed.

Electrical wires have a specific ‘safe’ life-span. This means you cannot trust wirings that are really old. Another thing that you need to keep in mind is that electrical components like switches, buttons and boards tend to wear out over time.

So arranging an electrical inspection is an essential parameter when you’re looking to purchase a home.

This is because there are more than 50,000 electrical fires every year. They not only cause loss of property but also loss of lives.

What to do When Buying a Resale or a Century Home?

When you’re buying a resale home, make sure that the entire home is thoroughly inspected, especially when it’s an older home.

The older it is, the weaker is its electrical standard for modern living.

The following needs to be checked.

  • Wires are well-grounded and in good working condition.
  • Installed as per the electrical codes.
  • Quality of the original wiring

Check Light Installations

It is very critical to know the state of electrical and lighting fixtures. If the bulbs are in a good working condition, but keep flickering, then there’s a possibility that there’s something wrong with the wiring.

Check lights in areas like staircase, basements, garages, and gardens. It is essential that these places have adequate and functioning light fixtures.

Is is it Necessary to Inspect a Home?

Sometimes homeowners don’t maintain the electrical condition of homes they are residing in like they should.

And if this is the condition of a property that’s currently occupied, then can you imagine the state of a foreclosed home or one that’s not been inhabited for a long time?

Through a proper electrical inspection, you’ll know about any defects. This is vital because unless you start living in the property, you’ll never come across most electrical defects.

Which Electrical Contractor to Hire for the Home Inspection?

Once you’ve finalized the home that you’d like to buy, you’ll need to complete an electrical inspection.In this case, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Here’s what you should look for while hiring an electrical contractor to conduct the home inspection.

  • Make sure the electrical contractor has a significant amount of experience. They are less likely to make any mistakes as compared to someone who is inexperienced.
  • Most electrical contractors will offer a guarantee of a few months on their services. So in case you face any issues in the future, they will come and fix it without charging you for them.
  • Ensure they offer 24-hour emergency services. In case you need to call them at an odd hour to fix any electrical issues, they should be able to respond immediately.

Same Day Pros has a list of some of the best electricians in your area. Feel free to contact them when you need an electrical inspection done for any home that you plan to buy or for your current home as well.

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