Local Interior & Exterior Painting Advise

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Finding A Local Professional Interior And Exterior Painting Company

A common practice is to obtain multiple 3 (three) painting estimates. It’s a good idea to walk the job with each potential painting contractor. Try to be specific about your painting project. Discuss your expectations and concerns as well as any aspects of your project that could affect the price.

Always ask the painting contractors the following questions:

What type of painting projects does your company usually perform –interior paintingexterior painting,  new homes under construction, residential repaints, apartments, commercial space, etc.?
How long has your painting company been in business?
Does your painting company have the proper/required licenses and insurance?
Do you subcontract the painting work?
Can you provide two or three references?
Do you offer a written guarantee of your completed painting project?
Ask the contractors to provide you with detailed painting prices and obtain a written painting estimates.

 Request this information in your local professional painting estimate:

What is to be painted.
How much masking and covering.
Extent of painting surface preparation.
Method of paint application
Number of paint coats
Types of paints and finishes
Number of professional painters and painters helpers
Time estimate to complete the painting project.
Follow up with the customer referrals from each painting contractor. Try to get an idea of the previous customer’s job satisfaction.

Local painting Contract Review

Once you have decided on a local painting contractor, review your contract. Confirm the following items as outlined above:

Specific details on what is to be painted.
Details on masking and covering.
Details on surface preparation.
Paint colors and type of paint for each area to be painted.
How much time to complete the project.
When and how the local professional painting contractor will be paid.

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