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As the weather begins to change outside homeowners may notice an increase in the various types of bugs and pests beginning to appear around their homes.There are things a you can do to protect your homes from these bugs pests this time of year. Keep in mind; it is also recommended to always have a local professional exterminator always on standby for your exterminator needs

Lock The Bugs Out
No matter what type of pest it is, from the tiniest to the largest, they gain entry into your home through the garage, doors and windows. Make sure they are closed tightly after each use.

Seal Openings
Do a thorough inspection of your foundation, jams, dryer vent outlets, electrical boxes and water spouts for gaps or other potential entry points Seal them with a spray foam if necessary.

Repair or Replace Screens
If you have any holes in your screens you should have them replaced or repaired.

Standing Water
Mosquitoes breed in stagnant standing water.

Trash Cans
Make sure your trash cans have securely fitting lids.

Old Wood
To prevent termites and carpenter ants from setting up housekeeping in your home, remove any old wood from your property.

Access Points
Chimney vents and crawl spaces are two spots that a homeowner may never give a second thought about. Have a wire mesh installed to prevent pests from entering the home.

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