What to Do When Furnaces Breakdown & How to Maintain Them?

Furnaces Breakdown

Can you even imagine what it would be like waking up freezing on a cold winter night just because your furnace stopped working?

Hard to picture it, right?

But it’s a huge possibility if your furnace is not maintained regularly and breaks down unexpectedly.

With the current temperatures dropping in Dallas, it’s crucial that your furnaces are in a good working condition.

One of the biggest reasons why furnaces suddenly stop working is the lack of maintenance.

Timely and routine inspections can help the furnaces run more efficiently and reliably.

Most homeowners don’t schedule annual furnace repair, maintenance as well as inspections regularly. This is exactly what leads to unexpected problems and breakdowns!

Frequent wear and tear become a common phenomenon if furnaces are not maintained on time.

So a bi-annual or annual maintenance is a MUST! 

If you’re wondering why your furnace is not working, here are 5 major reasons.

1. Dirty Filters

Clogged air filters reduce significant airflow which makes the furnace work harder to circulate the air.

Clogged filters may cause harm to the limit switch. This is what controls the fan.

2. Malfunctioning Thermostat

A faulty thermostat can lead to several furnace related problems with the fan or comfort levels. It may not cool evenly.

3. Doesn’t Heat Evenly

In addition to a clogged filter, a furnace may not produce enough heat if it’s the wrong size for space.

4. Blower Runs Continuously

If you have any problems with the furnace blower motor, you may need to get it properly checked or replaced by a furnace technician.

5. Too Noisy

Rumbling, squeaking or rattling noises are not normal. This is a mechanical problem and restricts airflow.

How to Fix a Furnace that won’t Start?

Fixing a furnace that won’t start may require more than DIY methods as there is no way to predict the cause.

However, by following the 4 tips below in between your professional maintenance appointments, you can certainly avoid sudden and unexpected breakdowns.

1. Change Filters

Regularly change the air filters of your furnace.

If in use, you need to change air filters every month.

When not in use, you need to change air filters once every three months.

You can ask furnace repair professionals to guide you or you can read the manufacturer’s directions.

2 – Check Thermostat

You also need to check the thermostat regularly.

If there are irregular heating patterns, check the battery level in the thermostat. Sometimes you need to simply replace the batteries.

You need to check the fan setting continuously to make sure it’s okay.

3. Heat Mode

Keep the ‘heat’ mode on the thermostat setting.

Check the temperature to make sure it’s set to one that’s higher than the current room temperature.

Sometimes you need to purchase a new thermostat. In this case, your new thermostat should match the capability and capacity of the furnace.

4. Circuit Breaker and Power Supply

You also need to check the circuit breaker and power supply if your furnace suddenly stops working.

Sometimes the fuse may be off. Also, make sure the power cord is plugged into an outlet.

The key to having a proper functional furnace throughout the year is to carry out proper maintenance.

The proper time to get furnaces checked is at the end of summer or beginning of fall.

You should ideally hire a furnace repair expert who can inspect the furnace internally and externally.

Professional furnace repair technicians are properly equipped to get the furnace ready for winters. In this way, you can avoid breakdowns or expensive repairs if you maintain it on a regular basis.

If there are any mechanical issues, you need to let professionals handle such wear and tear issues.

Sometimes you need to consult a furnace technician near you to guide you through the entire process. If you are looking for professional furnace repair in Dallas you, they can choose from a list of service providers on Same Day Pros.

You can also download the Same Day Pros app, available for Android and iOS and look for furnace repair companies nearby.

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