What are Different Type of Furnaces and How do They Work?

Furnace Repair Service

Broadly, there are three types of furnaces available in Baltimore and nearby areas. Each type will require customized furnace repair solutions based on the issues they face.

While investing in a furnace, you need to know the size of your home, your heating requirement and budget.

This will ensure that you choose the furnace that’s perfect for your home.

Let’s take a look at the 3 types of furnaces.

Single-stage Furnace

As the name suggests it takes only one stage for operation, i.e., it can either be turned on or off. These types of furnaces emit a lot of heat energy, regardless of the outdoor temperature.

This types may not be as productive as the other ones.

Basically these furnaces operate at one speed only, give out the maximum hottest error with the highest velocity and run with high speed consuming more fuel and making more noise.

That said, the advantage of this furnace is that they are cheap to install and are inexpensive. Due to these benefits, they are famous and available everywhere.

Two-stage Furnace

These furnaces have two stages of functioning – half and full speed. Due to this, the air moves at a slower rate, making it more efficient.

The first phase of these furnaces operate for the maximum time and consume 65% of the furnace capacity.

But when the outside temperature falls, the first phase isn’t capable of working. The second phase kicks in to provide the much-needed working efficiency.

The advantage of this type of furnaces is that it operates at full speed and tends to be quieter! Moreover, they also emit less carbon dioxide, thus, reducing pollution in the air.

Modulating Furnace

This type of furnace modulates the heat and speed of the output based on the outside temperature and and the desired comfort level. They are efficient because they work as per your need. Thus, saving energy too!

What makes these furnaces unique is that they don’t refer to the number of stages the furnace goes through. It only relates to the fan motor.

The speed of the fan motor can vary. So you can easily control the amount of warm air needed in your home.

Another feature is that the motor runs even when the furnace is not on, circulating the air.

This is a great way to maintain the indoor air quality, cleaning the harmful bacteria and germs in your home. This also reduces the operating time of furnace due to the continuous filtration process.

Newer technologies have unveiled advanced variable furnaces. Although a bit costlier, they are great when need to be used for longer periods. They also save a lot of energy, which is helpful in the long run.

You need to install a furnace based on how long you plan to live in a home.

If you are going to stay in the existing house for about 5 years, then install a variable one. But if you aren’t sure, two-stage furnace is your best bet.

If you move a lot, then single-stage furnace is more than enough for you.

You can always get in touch with a local furnace repair service professionals in Baltimore and nearby areas for any furnace related issues.

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