Emergency check list: What to do if your furnace stops working?

Furnace Repair And Maintenance

Let’s be quick here. Your furnace just stopped working, and you have no idea why it happened. Or maybe you just hopped on to this article to prepare for the worst. No one likes waking up in a chilly house. Right?

So, what should be done if your furnace stops working? Call for a furnace repair service? Maybe or maybe not. Before you decide to give up and call for professional help, you must read this!

1. Check the thermostat

Don’t panic! Maybe it’s just the thermostat that was accidentally turned off by one of your family members. Sometimes kids mess up with the settings! Check if the thermostat is set at the optimum temperature.

What if the thermostat isn’t working at all? Check the batteries. Most of the times it’s just the batteries that need to be replaced. Always keep a spare set for emergency situations.

2. Check if the circuit has tripped

Head to the place where the main switchboard of your house is fixed and check if any circuit has tripped. The largest switch on the board is usually of the furnace. See if it has tripped. Put it back. If not, just switch it off by yourself and restart to see if the furnace jumps up!

3. Check the gas line

Maybe someone accidentally turned off the gas power supply. Ensure that the gas line is open. If the gasoline is already open, the problem is somewhere else. Don’t worry!

4. Clean the filters

You should have done that already. But if you ignored all the previous advice for furnace maintenance, act now. Too much dust on filters can block the air supply and prevent your house from heating up.

If the furnace is running but still not heating up your home, there are high chances that the culprit is a dirty filter. Change it or clean it. Ensure that you know how to do it. If not, call for a furnace repair and maintenance service. You can use our site to find service professional in your areas.

5. Unblock the vents and ducts

Are you sure there’s nothing that’s blocking the vents? Maybe some piece of Christmas decoration that you forgot to take off! What you can do in your current situation is to check that nothing is blocking the vents.

There might be rodents or dust particles that have blocked the ducts. In that case, call up a professional furnace repair service immediately.

6. Get the chimney checked

It is possible that the chimney has been blocked due to some reason. Don’t go to the roof to check for it maybe dangerous. Better call up a serviceman!

If all of these steps fail to help you out, you have no chance but call a professional furnace repair and maintenance service. They are probably overloaded with work due to the peak season, but we can help you find a same day service provider!

Do you think we helped you with emergency steps you need to take when your furnace stops working? If yes, give it a share!

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