Same Day Garage Door Repair

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Homeowners tend to ignore the importance of a garage door’s functionality until an issue arises and your in dire need of a garage door repair company. However, garage door repair can be prevented by simple maintenance and can prevent a variety of inconvenient issues from occurring.

Sticky Door
If you are using a remote system, this issue may be caused by problems with the batteries, switches or sensors, so proper attention to these components on a regular basis can be very helpful. There may be obstructions that cause these problems, and changing weather conditions affecting the lubricant. A garage door specialist can assess the situation and come up with a plan to get your garage door running smoothly again.

Uneven Movement or Noisy Doors
Sometimes, debris can build up in the tracks, causing it to move from side to side as it opens and closes. Doors that become noisy are also likely dealing with this issue, as dirt and debris in the track interrupt the smooth movement of the door.

Door Falls Too Quickly
Falling doors could be a very serious safety hazard, as loose springs and broken cables can cause the door to fall quickly and injure someone. Obviously, this is a situation that should be prevented at all costs, underscoring the need for regular garage door maintenance.

Remote Control Is Not Working
If the batteries in the remote are not replaced regularly, the remote will cease to work. If the remote is not working despite the presence of fresh batteries, there may be an issue with the motor of the garage door.

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