7 Major Factors That Affect Gutter Cleaning Prices

Gutter Cleaning Prices

Gutter cleaning is an essential part of regular home maintenance, but people often get confused with the number of times they need this service. Moreover, a lot of us get reluctant while hiring a professional for we think gutter cleaning prices fluctuate too much. That is far from the truth. If you know about the major factors that affect these prices, you can be more clear about the budget you require annually for this home maintenance task.

How many times you require gutter cleaning?

It depends upon the number of trees you have around your house. If there are no trees around your house, you might not need this service for years. A moderate amount of trees means you need to get this task done at least twice a year. Some people go as much as four times a year because of excessive leaf fall.

What are the factors that affect gutter cleaning prices?

Following are the factors that affect the gutter cleaning cost:

  1. House height: The prices vary depending upon the number of storeys you have in your house. A single story home has the lowest rate while the rates increase with the rise in the storeys. That’s because with the increase in height, the amount of risk involved increases. One would also require special equipment to ensure safety.
  2. The slant of the roof: If your roof is tilted from all sides, gutter cleaning would cost you more. That’s because the cleaning professionals would need to stay on the ladder all the time and risk involved in this is more. Roofing material used on your roof also acts as a crucial factor in determining the prices.
  3. Size: It’s a very prominent factor affecting gutter cleaning prices. The cost increases with the size of your home. Bigger home means larger bill.
  4. Condition: If you get the gutter cleaned regularly, you would have to pay a significantly lesser price for gutter cleaning. However, if you haven’t got the gutter cleaned for quite a while, be ready to pay a bill bigger than the average.
  5. Extra services: Extra services might add up to the immediate cost but can save you a lot of money in future. You can opt for a gutter screen that would keep your gutters clean for a longer time. From research, we have found out that gutter screens don’t work well if you have got a large number of pine trees around your house. So, choose wisely.
  6. Seasonal discounts: Some companies can offer you great discounts on gutter cleaning prices. But that depends on your negotiation skills and the season. If you can find good gutter cleaning companies, you will be able to save more in the long run. You can consider same day pros to find gutter cleaning services in your locality.
  7. Residential vs. commercial: The cost for commercial projects is usually lower because of a large amount of area that needs to be cleaned. This allows you to avail a bigger discount and hence save many.

These are the seven factors that affect gutter cleaning prices. These will help you get a better estimate and better understanding about what you’re being charged for. If you have any more questions about gutter cleaning, feel free to ask.

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