How Do Professionals Clean Gutters

Professional Cleans Gutter

In this article, you’ll learn what it takes to do what the pros do. From the gutter cleaning process to extra services they look at when servicing the guttering, you’ll learn the ins and outs of gutters.

You’ll also learn whether it’s worth it to have professionals do it, or if you should take on the task yourself, as well as how to find a local gutter cleaning specialist in your area.

How Do Professionals Clean Gutters?

Gutter Cleaning Ladder

Ever wonder how do professionals clean gutters? With the right tools and knowledge, it can be easy to tackle the debris that keeps leaking dirty water from that gutter’s seam. (1) Of course, with most of the work done from a ladder, it’s important that you understand the basics of gutter cleaning.

“Professional gutter cleaners often start the job by clearing any debris from the roof. Then they vacuum debris from the entire length of the gutter. The downspouts get flushed with water pressure tools, and the rest of the system is cleaned with similar tools.”

– Forbes

Most gutter cleaning pros must go through ladder safety courses and shadow another cleaner before they are able to clean a gutter safely.

The Right Tools for the Right Job

Gutter cleaning isn’t an easy job, but with the right tools, any professional can get the job done in no time. One of the most notable pieces of equipment a gutter cleaning specialist will carry with them is their ladder.

This ladder must be comfortable and sturdy, able to safely hold their weight in a variety of positions. It should also allow them to easily carry up additional tools like a bucket to holding debris or a towel for digging into detritus.

Without the right tools for the job, there won’t be the right safety precautions in place. Without these, gutter cleaning can be a very dangerous line of work, which is why many homeowners are discouraged from performing their own gutter cleaning despite how easy it might look from the outside.

Cleaning Out Debris

Cleaning out the debris from the gutter channels is by far the most time consuming part of the job. This process is often done by hand. Once their ladder is in place, the professionals gear up with their gloves and trowels and remove the largest pieces of debris first.

Next, they begin digging in the gutters to remove piles of debris that have accrued, such as water-logged leaves that have since begun to decompose into soil, or nuts and seeds that squirrels have left behind.

Loose, freshly fallen leaves and other debris might be blown into a bag with a leaf blower, but in most cases, the professionals keep everything fairly manual to ensure they’re not making too much of a mess.

Flushing Downspouts

Blast Water in Gutter

Once the pros are done with cleaning the gutters and fishing out any larger chunks of debris, they flush the gutter’s main channel. This lets any remaining sediments flow down the downspout with a blast of water, clearing out any remaining small debris.

With the rest of the system cleaned, they can focus on the water’s last stop until it reaches the ground: the downspout.

Flushing the downspout may take some time, especially if it has accrued significant blockages in the previous few months. Once the clog breaks loose, however, and water freely flows through the downspout, the flush is complete and the gutter cleaning specialists bag the last of the debris and start packing up.

Extra Services: Repairs

If your gutter cleaning professional notices the need for repairs or maintenance to the gutter’s system, they will bring it up to you after the job is done. If they bring up any problems, have them show you the problem so you can better understand the issue and the area affected.

Once you see the area, it’s up to you to decide when (and if) to fix the problem before it gets worse. Repairs are often an additional expense, but they are necessary to keep the gutters in good condition for as long as possible.

Gutter repair work is commonly carried out by the same company who does the gutter cleaning, though it may not be the same crew who does the repair unless they are able to do a same-day repair to fix the problem.

How Long Does it Take a Professional to Clean Each Section of Guttering?

The amount of time it takes to clean each section of guttering depends greatly on the amount of linear feet the section covers. For an average single-family home, it can take professionals up to an hour for a standard cleaning unless there are severe blockages, which could take up to a half hour to clear by themselves.

Can You Clean Gutters Yourself?

No, it is not recommended that you clean your gutters by yourself. Especially as much of the work is done from a tall ladder with a trained crew to prevent accidents, a professional is much better equipped to handle the risks of gutter cleaning.

Furthermore, gutter cleaning can take twice as long to complete if you are doing it by yourself, as the pace is slower with one person versus a crew, and you won’t have as much experience in the process.

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How Often Should You Clean Gutters?

Most gutter cleaning specialists recommend that you clean your gutters at least twice a year. Most specialists will recommend having the gutters cleaned once in the early fall so it clears the previous year’s debris away, as well as in the early spring to remove any leftover debris that fell after the previous cleaning.

This clears the gutters so that they can hold the upcoming season’s rainfall without any obstacles, helping keep your home in the best conditions possible.

If you live in an area around certain types of trees – such as pine trees – or other areas that are notorious for heavy seasonal shedding of debris, it is recommended that you have the gutters cleaned more than twice a year.

While a specialist will be able to tell you a more exact timeline, it’s safe to assume that any new debris in the gutter’s channels will lead to some measure of clogging.

Why Gutter Cleaning is Important

Gutter Cleaning Leaves

Gutter cleaning is important not just to keep your home’s curb appeal tidy, but also to prevent debris from damaging the interior of the home. If debris clogs the gutters, water damage will appear in the attic and basement over time.

This water damage will lead to problems such as mildew, mold, flooding, and a cracked foundation – all of which are rather serious home repairs that could cause permanent damage.

Furthermore, gutter cleaning also keeps your home safe from unwanted pests. If squirrels and birds move into the gutter system, they are likely to bring with them leaves, nuts, seeds, and other debris as they build a nest or attempt to bury next year’s food.

With debris comes standing water, which attracts other unwanted pests such as mosquitos and flies. Another unfortunate effect of standing water is that – beyond the bad smell – it can damage the guttering, causing it to crack, split, or leak at the seams if left for too long.

Is Gutter Cleaning a Service You Tip?

No, gutter cleaning is not typically as service you tip for in most parts of the States. In some cases, the service professionals are not allowed to take tips, so it’s important not to take it personally if you offer a tip and it isn’t accepted.

Certain local municipalities, towns, or neighborhoods may have different customs, however. If you are ever uncertain as to whether you should tip for a service, it is always best to ask.

If you want to tip for gutter cleaning services but don’t want to make it a monetary offering, you can always leave sealed bottles of water and individual snacks for the workers. Since gutter cleaning is a physically demanding job, it’s typically a welcome sight to have snacks and waters ready during breaktime.

How to Prepare for Professional Gutter Cleaning

Like many other services that you request throughout the day, it’s considered a courtesy to prepare for the specialist.

Fortunately, there isn’t much in the way of preparations that you need to make for gutter cleaning specialists since they will be focusing on the exterior of the home.

It will help, however, to make the area as safe for them as possible. The team, no matter how big, will be carrying ladders around the perimeter of the roofline, and services will be rendered from these ladders.

This means that it will be important to clear any kind of bulky debris away from the side of the house such as old tires, brambles, firewood, or yard toys that might get in the way. If the service professionals cannot reach a part of the gutter, they may not be able to complete the job until the obstacle is removed.

Find Your Local Pro Today

As one of the most important services you can hire out to keep your home in good condition and prevent water damage, flooding, or a damaged foundation, gutter cleaning is easy to find.

Gutter cleaning is just one of the services that we’ll connect you with. For all your guttering needs or to find a local pro for other services, you can count on Same Day Pros to provide you with local professionals who are ready to help you.

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