6 Traits of A Good Local Handyman Service

Who should you hire if you have some odd jobs that need to be done? Maybe there’s a leaking faucet, a broken door handle, a bulb that needs replacement and a garage that needs to be painted. Imagine how it would be to find several servicemen for all these minor works!

Wouldn’t it be good if only one person could do it all? We know your answer, and probably that’s why your local handyman services are still into business. Handymen are semi-skilled professionals who can help you with minor fixing and installation tasks.

Now that you know whom you need to call for help, you would want to know how to shortlist the best local handyman service and then hire one. If that’s what you need to know, keep reading. Here are the traits of a good local handyman service.

1. They’re licensed and insured. 

A lot of handymen work without a permit. But these are not the kind of people you should prefer. In fact, in some places in America, a handyman must be licensed and insured to be legally able to provide services. Hiring a handyman service that has a property damage liability policy ensures that any accidental damage on-job is covered.

2. They provide a guarantee.

Good services always provide a work guarantee. It helps in dealing with the recurring issues and is favorable to the homeowner aka you for you can be sure that the problem you’re facing would be fixed without you paying extra cost.

3. They accept payments by credit cards or checks.

One way to ensure that you are dealing with a good local handyman service is to ask whether they accept credit cards or checks. If they say no, that could mean that they’re trying to run away from paying taxes and most probably, aren’t even licensed to provide you their services. If you want to keep yourself out of trouble, better not hire such people. Moreover, payment by check or credit card gives you a proof of the overall transaction which can be very useful in certain situations.

4. They accept that they can’t handle everything.

Remember that a handyman is adept at dealing with minor home improvement tasks. If your handyman claims that he can fix something as big as your air conditioner, you’re talking to a wrong person. In fact, a handyman is barred from setting major plumbing issues, gas-fitting and electrical wiring in some places by law. So, shoot a question about a major issue and see how they respond. If a local handyman service recommends some other serviceman for the major tasks, you’re on the right way.

5. They don’t offer door to door services.

If some people show up at your door claiming to be employees of some local handyman companies, slam the gate right in their face. Good companies never go door to door to offer services. They would rather work in their office and advertise in some other non-pushy way. These people who turn up at your door uninvited are mostly a part of a big scam.

6. They don’t ask for upfront advance payment.

If a local handyman service asks for advance payment, you should look for some other service. The chances of you being left with an unsolved problem rise if you do the payment in advance. No reputable company would even ask for it. So beware!

These are the traits of good local handyman services. So, now when you start looking for a handyman, you know what are the things that can help you choose the right service.

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Have you ever ended up hiring a bad handyman service? What were your learnings from that?

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