9 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Favorite Handyman Service

Facts About Handyman Service Pros

Do you think you know everything about handyman services? Probably, you think handyman service involves just DIYing and fixing minor jobs by yourself. It partly does. But the trend of hiring a pro for these small tasks is growing day by day. With a shortage of time and energy to look for endless resources on the internet and work on the task, we prefer to hire.

You might have already hired a handyman multiple times before or you may be doing it the first time. This post has been written to tell you about the few essential piece of information you should know. It doesn’t exactly covers tips on how to hire a handyman but can help you a lot. Give it a read.

  1. Some states in the U.S. like New Jersey require a handyman to be licensed and registered to offer you paid services. Did you ever try to find out if your favourite handyman is licensed? Do you know about the related laws in your state?
  2. Often, minor jobs like fixing the leaks or water taps, changing the fused bulbs and so on are permitted without a license.
  3. There are high chances that your favourite handyman service is barred from taking major plumbing, electrical and gas-fitting projects. These jobs require expertise and can be undertaken only by people who have a license in the particular field. Even if they claim they can fix that major plumbing issue for you, don’t fall for it.
  4. The majority of the handymen in U.S. are insured under a liability policy for property damage. This covers the accidental property damage caused due to negligence.
  5. Even if a handyman doesn’t have a license, you must ask for insurance as your standard home insurance won’t cover damage caused by a contractor.
  6. If your preferred handyman service is a franchise, it will certainly not guarantee you a speedy and better service. Many a time, their service is flawed, and they take a longer time to fix the issue. Same is with the price. Most of the times. Franchises charge way more than non-franchise handymen. Does that mean you shouldn’t hire a franchise handyman service? No. Just make your judgement by reviews and recommendations. Don’t forget to check the license.
  7. The handyman service you hire must give you a detailed written estimate and have a written agreement with your about the job details, estimated the cost and material required. Ideally, they shouldn’t add in any extra cost before consulting you.
  8. Don’t work on “half now, half at end” basis. There should be no upfront payment. The only money you should pay for before the completion of the project should be to buy specialized equipment that is required to be replaced.
  9. A lot of handymen will ask for some payment in the beginning if the total estimate is above 1k. It’s normal.

Do you think we included some points you didn’t know? Do you think it was helpful to you? Comment down below. Also, if you’re looking for hiring a local handyman service, we can help. Click the link to find more about it.

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