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With a good basic tool set, you can take care of most handyman jobs around the home. Same Day Pros  has put together a list of the most essential tools to own for basic home repair.

Hammer – . A basic hammer is a must for any tool kit. Pound and pull nails and other items and much more.

Drill – A power drill is useful for a wide variety of applications, from putting together  furniture to hanging a curtain rods, you will be  glad to have a drill. Same Day Pros recommends a cordless drill for mobility. With Philips head and flat head screw driver bits for the drill, it really is one of the most versatile tools you can own.

Vice Grips – Vice grips have more gripping power than pliers. You could get a medium sized pair to handle most jobs, or a smaller needle nosed vice grips for tight spaces, and a large vice grips for larger items where more power is needed.

Stepladder – Whether you want to paint rooms, hang holiday decorating , or doing minor roof repair, having a stepladder is a must for any homeowner.

Handsaw – You never know when you might need to cut something down to size.

Putty Knife – For drywall repair, filling holes and scraping paint.

Utility Knife – Is a must for any handyman more often than you would expect. From home improvement to arts & crafts.

Measuring Tape – Get a metal tape measure with at least a 1” blade so it will be stiff enough to measure long distances.

Level – Does what it says – tells you if things are level (parallel to the ground).

Caulk Gun – Seal window, repair, glue insulation, and much more, with the right tube of caulk or adhesive loaded.

Circular Saw – The basic power tool for any carpentry project.

Work Bench – A good work bench with clamps to hold items and more will help you complete a wide variety of handyman service projects.

While owning all these tools will give you ability to complete most routine home improvement and repair projects, some other projects may require a local professional handyman service.
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