Same Day Handyman Price Examples

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Most Local Professional  Same Day Handyman Services have either up front fees or charge for their handyman service by the hour. For your convenience, has listed in the article some average local same day handyman service prices. These same day handyman service prices are the average and you should consult you local handyman service for a local same day handyman estimate.

As a general rule, most same day handyman companies charge a flat rate of $50-$70 per hour for all  services with most same day handyman services having a 1 or 2 minimum.

Your local same day handyman service should never charge you for drive time or mark up materials. This promotes mutual respect and long-term loyalty in the working relationship between the local handyman service and the consumer. You may be charges extra charges if the same day local handyman service is after hours or on the weekends

To help give you an idea of potential same day handyman service prices, has listed some general time estimates and prices for your convenience. Please keep in mind these are estimates and you should consult your local same day handyman service in your area for estimates and handyman prices.

1-2 hours: change air conditioner thermostat, fix leaky pipe (plumbing), hang pictures
2-3 hours: hang shelves, drywall repair, window cleaning, drain cleaning, electrician work
3-4 hours: hang door, repair wood, window repair, interior painting, exterior painting
4+ hours: repair wall and paint, add heating & air register, wiring for home theater

Install Garbage Disposal: $100-$200
Hang Ceiling Fan: $150-$200
Install  Light: $75-$100
Hang Dining Room Chandelier: $100-$200
Hang Foyer Chandelier (2nd story): $350-$400
Hang Flat Screen TV: $200-$300
Change Toilet Flush Valve: $50-$100
Reset Toilet Tank: $75-$100
Install Toilet: $100-$200
Install Kitchen Sink: $100-$200
Install Bathroom Faucet: $75-$100
Install Carpeting:  $50-$100 per room
Repair Drywall:  $75-$100
Hang Pictures $20-$25
Window Repair: :$200-$250

Please contact you local same day handyman services for better pricing. You can find local same day handyman service at or by using the FREE app. With more than 100 categories to choose from achieving local professional same day servcie or same day estimates has never been easier

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